V-Diet for Old Man


Hey Chris, I am new to this site and I’m a 42 year old man triing to loose the gut, do you have a V-Diet that gears towards someone like me and if so how can I get it?


We’ve had 70 year old do the V-Diet (and I’m 41) so let’s not assume we need a “special” plan with lots of prune juice and a hip replacement!

You’ll have to decide whether the V-Diet is right for you. It’s intense and requires 28 days of dedication. Habits will be broken and food addictions will be erased. It’s a challenge, and it’s not for wimps.

So read through every tab in the V-Diet plan and see what you think.


I’m 39 and am three days away from finishing my second week of transition from the v-diet. Lost 22 pounds and feel great. Broke all my habits (sweets, snacking, carb overloading, etc.) Gave me twenty-eight days to reflect what to do right. It gave me back control of my diet…including eliminating wheat/gluten, diet soda, and sweets. I’m feeling and looking the best I have in at least 9 years. Now it’s up to me to follow through for the rest of my life!

You must be committed to follow Chris’ V-diet to the “T”. It is challenging, but for me it was well worth it! Best of luck with your decision!