V-Diet for Me?

i’ve been reading about the V-diet and it looks pretty awsome, seems you need a decent amount of muscle mass going into it tho (from what i’ve read/seen so far).

I’m 21, 77.7kg (171 lbs), 5’6.
I’ve lost a fair bit of muscle mass and put on a decent bit of body fat over the last year or two (i’d say i’m about 20%, give or take). I’m just looking to get really lean and then work on fitness/bulking.

Given my age/weight, would the v-diet be a bad move for me or would it work out for dropping body fat? I’m hoping i can get really low body fat first, then work on bulking after (tho might have to do it the other way around).

If you are around 20% b.f and are not happy with the way you look(chubby) then you might as well lean out and feel better about your-self by achieving a nice lean base. It all depends on your goals. If you don’t mind looking chubby(I don’t know anyone who doesn’t but what do I know) then go ahead and gain more “mass”. Again it depends on your goals and how you feel about your-self.

I’m almost done with my first week. IF YOU ARE GOING TO DROP BODY FAT DO IT WITH THE V-DIET. 28 days of all out war against body fat is much better than a long slow cut.

That is all my opinion of course.

cheers ronaldo, sounds like V-Diet would be the way to go. I’d definitley be stoked about shedding off the excess flab asap so i’ll give it a shot (just found out you can’t get HOT-ROX in australia tho, which sucks, still looking around for alternatives).

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