V-Diet for Last 15-20 Stubborn Pounds?


I started dieting in mid December and went from 218pbs to 190 currently.
I am 5"10 and have been lifting for 6 years.

I have finally slowed down and “plateaud” and would like to get to 170-174lbs by june 10th.

I was doing 6 days low carb 1 day cheat day and thats how I dropped 30 lbs all without cardio. Now I will include empty stomach cardio 40 minutes in the morning.

I was wondering if the V-Diet is good for those last 15 stubborn lbs?

What do the macros come out to daily? 1500 calories, 180g protein, 50g carbs (post workout), 20g fat daily? for 28days?

  1. Yes, that’s what it the V-Diet was originally designed for: for the plateaued, experienced lifter who needs to get serious to carve off the last of the stubborn fat.

  2. This varies based on the individual. Just type your info into the V-Diet calculator and it’ll give you your plan. Just follow the tabs: