V-Diet for Bodybuilding Contest Prep?

I’ve heard of a handful of people using the V-Diet for a competition prep. I was just wondering if it was possible or even advisable for a 12 week prep. Thanks

Greetings! I can offer my thoughts as someone who has completed the V-Diet before, and also am in my second year of competing and contest preps. The V-Diet is a great tool for getting lean and “reformatting” the way you think about food, no doubt. I think a V-Diet approach might be helpful in the last couple weeks or something, or for low days, but a true contest prep has far too many variables regarding nutrition, macros, etc., to do a V-Diet and expect to arrive in stage conditioning. You should really be getting the majority of cals from whole foods in a prep, for satiety, nutrients, fiber, etc., with Metabolic Drive to supplement the rest of your protein requirements. If you really want to prep right, I would advise getting a coach who has competed before, has had success with other prep clients and who you feel comfortable with.

Please be sure to post back with any questions regarding V-Diet or contest prep!

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