V-Diet for Big 17 Y/O

I’m currently training a 17-year old shot-putter who wants to lose weight in the off-season/summer. He’s 6’6", 345 lbs, and around 25-30%bf (the calipers we use have a pretty large margin of error with bigger guys and gals.)

He’s very athletic, especially for his size; he can do box jumps on our 28" box with no problem, he can front squat and bench 305+, and he scares off cars with how fast he can do hill sprints.

I’m most of the way through my own V-diet, and after having personal success he wants to try it, and I gave it my hearty recommendation. However, when we entered in his information, we learned the diet is not recommended for those over 265lbs.

Are there any health risks involved if he were to do the plan as outlined for a 265 lb man? Is there a way to modify the diet to make it safe and effective for someone his size? Say, for example, the shakes plus a daily HSM?

Any advice would be appreciated, this kid is a hard worker and lost a significant amount of weight last summer with minor diet modifications and some metabolic finishers at the end of our weight training workouts. I know he would succeed on this diet, I just don’t want to put him at risk.

I doubt he needs a full diet. I’d rather see him clean up his diet. Sure, he can replace a meal or two during the day with <a href=""target=“new”>Metabolic Drive, that’ll help.

Also, he’s underage for things like Hot-Rox.

Usually very overweight people have health risks others do not, plus as I wrote above, there are less extreme measures they could take to drop a lot of the weight first, then they can get on the V-Diet later.

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