V-Diet for an Aspiring Powerlifter?

Hey…I need to become more solid, I don’t feel its needed to be a fatty as a powerlifter, especially in the smaller weightclasses, 148, 165, 181. I just did my first meet at 181 and although I’m nowhere near good at that weight, I’m proud of my results at the meet because I worked hard for them. I was happy to just break 1000lbs for my first meet.

The thing is, I either want to drop down to 165 OR bulk up to around 200 and then cut down to a more solid 181. I’d like to utilize the V-Diet for the cut either way. My main question is that of strength retention. Looking at the amount of protein you get from the V-Diet, I find it hard to believe you would loose much muscle mass or strength, but of course it is a concern of mine considering what I’m trying to achieve.

Can any of the experts or experienced V-Dieters give me a heads up as to what I’d experience in terms of strength loss - if any? Thanks in advance.

I’m inexperienced but the science and rules of the V-Diet are pretty straightforward and are tailored to minimize muscle loss.

As far as strength, I set a PR on deadlifts the other night and I’m over a week into the diet. If you want to compete at a lower weight and retain your strength, this is probably a good diet for you!

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