V-Diet for 115lb Female


Chris, my girlfriend has purchased the V-Diet protocol. She s 5’3" and between 115-117 lbs. Shes a relatively experienced lifter (played division 1 lacrosse) due to her being a few lbs less than the 125lb recommended would her supplements need to be adjusted, meaning she takes in less calories/carbs per feeding? Thanks for help


Have her drop two scoops of Metabolic Drive from the daily count. She should still strive to get in the same amount of shakes though, just using fewer scoops in two of them.

She may need to add one of those back in however. She can see how that works though then adjust.

She can also drop half the flax seed recommendation.


Much appreciated!


Hello Chris,

I am in a similar situation and have made similar reductions above (half the flaxseed and 1.25 grams of protein per pound of body weight.) I also supplement with a multivitamin. I am 5’ 1.5" and 109 pounds. My fiance’ and I are both on day five of this diet, however I am slightly concerned. I am already seeing results (beginnings of a six pack, lifted butt and firmer legs) which is exciting and motivating. My goal is to uncover my abs and eliminate my saddlebags. However, since beginning the diet, I have experienced frequent memory loss and confusion in addition to chest pain–my heart feels like it is sinking deeper into my chest or feels tight altogether, and I have shortness of breath all when I am completely at rest. I don’t want to give up now, since we are doing so well and supporting each other through this, but I want to get results safely. What do you recommend I should do?


If you’re taking a fat burner, check the warning label and drop it if needed.

I’m no doctor so I have no other guesses. Are you using Biotest products? Your purchase level shows 0 so I’m confused.

Other than that, this diet just may not be for you. Actually, it’s not for you based on the V-Diet calculator guidelines. You’re way below the lowest weight suggested to do a diet like this.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I figured five pounds less than 115 was not way below since you seemed ok with the other poster’s modification for his girlfriend. My fiance’ purchased the Biotest products under his account. I honestly do not know his username. I dropped the HOT-ROX from the regimen which has helped. My blood pressure is significantly lower since starting this diet, so we are probably going to add in a clean meal a day for me.

I was told I might be hypo-nutremic which means by body is flushing out too much sodium and is actually not retaining enough water on this liquid diet. Have other people reported similar concerns or symptoms?


Never heard of that before, but feel free to try the one clean meal per day option. Many people have had success with that approach.