V-Diet Followup Workouts?

First-time poster, hi. I’m actually in the first transition week following a rather successful V-Diet run, and now that I’m getting towards the end, I’m looking for suggestions as to good training programs to consider once I’m done with the transition workouts next week.

I already read through gustavopacho’s story, which was very inspiring, but I’m not a particularly experienced lifter, so I’m not sure the program he followed up with would be quite right for me. The V-Diet workouts have done a nice job on improving my strength and form, so I think I could handle something in the intermediate range, however.

Also, the easier things could be to do at home, the better. I’ve got a handful of equipment that I’m already using; some dumbbells with a decent spread of plates, a multi-position pull-up bar, a 1-pood kettlebell, and a recumbent stationary bike, as well as plenty of space for running outside.

I was thinking about trying the RKC again now that I feel more equipped to handle stuff beyond swings, and maybe working from there, but any suggestions at this point would be greatly appreciated.

With 10 years of archives here at Testosterone, you have a lot of choices when it comes to training programs. Really, the best thing to do is scan the archives and pick a good program that best fits your needs and available equipment. Here’s a good link to all the programs and lifting-related articles:

To help you narrow it down a little, you may want to focus on complete programs by Chad Waterbury or Christian Thibaudeau. Lots of others to choose from though. You can click on “authors” at the top of the T-Nation main page and search all their articles from there.

Thanks, somehow I never noticed that Authors button. The Cosgrove/Waterbury fast fat loss plan looks like it’ll make a great next step, since there’s still a bit of spare tire and other bits I’d like to clean up before I start some more specific things to target.

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