V-Diet Follow Up: Status, Workout

Hi Chris,

Week 2: Lost 6lb, but body fat still at 21%. I look visibly smaller overall but still no visible lower abs.

Have been following the intermediate strength program laid out by Waterbury religiously. Drinking the shakes 5x a day at the recommended dose(plus the superfood and flax twice, and omega 3s at every meal) and Surge only post workout. HOT-ROX first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and when I do go for long walks.

Looks like I am holding on stubbornly to the fat while losing muscle mass. I just made the cut for the program, weighing 165lb. Is my small frame and low weight the reason I am losing muscle and holding onto fat instead. I am 173cm tall.

I have a few questions pertaining to the NEPA activity /walks and the workout substitutes.

Did Marion, Thibaudeau and Dan John all follow the laid workout plans by Waterbury or did they do their own thing to achieve the results?

Also I do not have machines and cables in my tiny gym, only freeweights and a squat rack with pullup bar. What do I substitute Wood-Chops with?

AS for the daily walks, it’s tough to find time and time consuming to walk 45min to an hour everyday with my busy schedule. Can I just skip it if Im moving around a lot everyday so long as I am not desk-bound?

For the V-burn challenge days on weekends, can I sub the bodyweight movements with a lighter load barbell complexes(80-100lb) instead for 4-5 sets? That way I still get to work on my barbell oly lifts skills which are not used in the program and which I miss so much. The fat burn and metabolic condition will still be present.

Usually my 2 progressions are : snatch grip RDL/bent over row/power snatch/overhead squat/behind the neck press/good morning/back squat OR RDL/bent over row/power clean/ front squat/ press/ good morning /bad squat.

Your thoughts and comments , please.

Do I need to pump up my carbs on non workout and workout days to break through the fat loss plateau. If yes how and with what?

Frankly ive been on a low carb diet for a while, maybe too long wwih the resultant cortisol issues. After the initial success, started to platueau, lost muscle mass and gained fat again.

I would also like to know if I can substitute 1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil for nut butter?

  1. How are you measuring body fat percentage? Most methods are horrible inaccurate and inconsistent. Use the tape measure and pics. It is impossible to lose actual muscle on this plan.

  2. You are already a smaller guy. Don’t expect to lose 20 pounds. And you were already low carbing before the V-Diet. And remember, body fat comes off on he face and neck first, then the limbs, then works its way down to the trouble areas. Don’t focus on one spot. Use the tape measurements.

  3. The guys you mentioned used their own workouts.

  4. Wood chops: Any rotational ab exercise.

  5. NEPA: No skipping. Sub with 10-15 minutes of Predator Conditioning:

  6. Sure. (Oly lifts)

  7. No.

  8. Yes.

I am using the Karada scan to measure my bodyweight and bodyfat. It is the only way to tell if my smaller measurements all around is from fat loss alone or with muscle mass.

Ok I will sub lighter load barbell complexes for bodyweight training on V burn challenge days on weekends for a little more fun and skill practice.

Asked about the coconut oil as I was worried the energy boost might affect sleep. I usually have it pre workout.

FYI, that type of body fat tester is perhaps the most inaccurate.

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