V-Diet + Flights =?

I’m leaving on Thursday night for a multi-city trip, and am trying to figure out my best plan for bringing my meals/supplements along. I’d prefer to just bring them all with me in my carry on, but 6 days, at five meals a day means 30 bags of powder! If I have them all labeled for mealtimes, and bring the original labels from the containers, do you think I’ll be ok? Has anyone had any experience with this? Don’t mind having to explain it to TSA, but would be pretty bummed if I had a weeks worth of meals confiscated…

Thanks for any advice/help!


I’d just pack a whole container of MD instead of all the bags. Why would they have to be individually bagged?

hahaha " I swear it’s just protein. No I have not visited South America recently"

[quote]SDCoachK wrote:
hahaha " I swear it’s just protein. No I have not visited South America recently"[/quote]

I actually flew to South America with two MD containers transferred to vacuum sealed bags. They looked suspiciously like bricks of something. I was surprised I didn’t get questioned about it.

With current United States (and most other countries’) regulations, having one big container of a powder can be rejected as a carry-on option. I’ve had this type of thing happen twice in the past two years. Officially it’s supposed to be only liquids/gels that are required to be 4 oz. only, but in practical consideration powders are potentially rejected as well. It usually only happens if you are subject to a random case-opening, as it doesn’t look like anything serious on the x-rays, but just know that the possibility exists.

On check-on luggage it won’t be rejected, but every time I have brought a big tub or zip-loc of powder in a checked on case, when I picked up the suitcase at the end of the route, there was a note inside my case informing me that the suitcase had been opened and searched. Most of the time nothing bad came of it, but one time the top wasn’t re-secured properly and I got a lot of orangy powder on everything (I think it was Power Drive in that instance). I’ve also had ‘issues’ with airport security being less than appropriately hygienic, but that’s another story.

In short, it’s not a big deal, but as a carry on, the tub can be rejected and even 30 4 oz baggies can be rejected (remember even if the substance isn’t illegal or dangerous the customs officials or airport security has the right to force you to check in anything on their discretion, even if it seems completely arbitrary). I would say try to put the original, sealed tub in a carry on that is solid enough to be tossed in the check on luggage if needed.

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