V-Diet First Week

I thought I would chronicle my Velocity Diet experience and I figured a day by day would be a bit much.
First a small intro. I just turned 49 and am trying to get fit by 50. I’ve let myself get up to 240 lbs. I should be around 170-180. That would make me lean but not single digit body fat. I lost down to 225 and stopped losing weight. I then fell off the wagon on a long weekend trip and gained 4 lbs and started the diet at 229 the day after I got back home.

A note to all of you out there; don’t get old and fat! You can’t help getting older but take care of yourself along the way. It gets way harder to lose weight and get fit the older you get. I used to laugh at people like me 30 years ago. As the saying goes “Humble yourself or life will do it for you”. Well, I didn’t, so life did.

So anyway here’s how it has gone so far:
Today is my 7th day and I’m very pleased. I’ve been good but not perfect. Believe it or not my deviations from the diet have put me under, not over the target. I skipped some night shakes and was not taking the supplements correctly. After rereading the e-book I corrected the deviations. I have lost a bit over 7 lbs in the first 7 days but it’s hard to totally count the 4 lbs of bloat from last weekend.

For any of you considering trying this diet here are some of my take aways from this first week:
I have been surprisingly not crazy hungry. I was used to drinking a shake for breakfast so that wasn’t a big adjustment, the shake for lunch has been more of a challenge. I think it’s more mental than physical. I feel like I should be eating solid food more than I’m truly hungry. The “hunger monster” comes and goes throughout the day, usually when I have some down time, and I have learned to ride it out. It goes away and I’m fine. By the time I’m off work it’s no problem waiting, workout day or not, until supper. Supper is bliss and easy to stay within the diet parameters. I have to force myself to drink the last shake of the night. The older version with one meal a week would be much harder and I’m not sure I could do that one.

Side note; The shakes actually taste pretty good (I only got the chocolate) the “Superfood” mixes well with the shake and is not unpleasant on its own. The “Plazma” is horrible and would gag a maggot. My opinion, yours may differ. It nauseates me and I can’t work out if I drink it. Kinda tastes like sour milk smells. I can be picky so I suggest you make up your own mind.
Other than the Plazma, I have no complaints about the diet or the products and look forward to seeing how the next 3 weeks play out.

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@apwiron, are you using the liquid flavoring that came with Plazma?

I made the mistake once of forgetting to put it before leaving to play hockey. I learned my lesson. In its raw form, it kinda tastes like what you’re describing.

If you are using it, you might have to adjust the amount of flavoring per serving. Some people are more susceptible to the taste of the raw ingredients.

All the best on your V-Diet!

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