V-Diet First Attempt - Is This Really For Me?


Hello everyone. Figured I’d drop by and start a thread to keep myself accountable as I make my 6 week journey. I’ll be starting next week when my sups arrive (ordered them today) and I’ll take some starting measurements/photos this coming weekend.

After reading several logs, I’m wondering if this is right for me. While I know I’ll lose fat, I don’t think I have that much to lose overall. I’m just at my wits end with trying to get down to 6% or 7% BF and looking to get there once and for all. I’m currently 178 and I feel like I only have 5 or 6 pounds to go before I get to my goals. Will I lose too much on this?

Anyway, a little bit about me:

Like my tag states, I’m late to the game of fitness. Two years ago I found myself sitting @ 220 and extremely unhappy with my state of mind and overall appearance. A rupture of my Achilles prompted me to begin getting fit so I started running & lifting weights after I recovered. Here I am two years later, much healthier, much lighter, but still not where I want to be aesthetically. I hope this does the trick.

I plan to follow the nutrition to a T, but my workouts will be full body workouts with the Olympic lifts at the core of my routine which is as follows:

Squats 5 X 5
Bench Press: 3 X 6,8,10
Seated Row: 3 X 6,8,10
BB Shrug: 3 X 6,8,10
BB Curls 3 X 8

Squats: 5 X 5
Military Press: 5 X 5
Deadlift: 2 X 5
Weighted Chins: 3 X 8
Weighted Dips: 3 X 8

Squats: 1 X 5
Bench Press: 5 X 5
Seated Row: 5 X 5
BB Shrug: 5 X 5
BB Curls 3 X 8

I’m interested in your thoughts on this particular routine with the V-Diet. I’m currently following a linear progression and adding weight to each lift on a weekly basis albeit at a slow pace as I’m not looking to compete, just get fit.

For example, my BP gets 2lbs/week, squat 2.5lbs. DL 10lbs etc.

Anyway, enough for now and I’ll be checking in each day and logging progress.

Looking forward to taking the journey with all of you.


Powerlifter Doing the V-Diet

hey late2thegame,

Congrats on the 40+ lost so far!

If this is your 1st time doing the V-Diet it may be an ego crusher in the gym initially. It depends on the person (especially previous experience with low-carb dieting). or you may be fine, you’ll know by a week in.

if you’re new to this type of dieting, you’ll lose a good amount of water weight in the 1st week, so adjust your weighted dips/chins to make sure you account for the pounds you’ll lose as it goes.

Other than that, best of luck and do as much prep as possible before everything arrives at your door


[quote]Warren S Smith wrote:
hey late2thegame,

Congrats on the 40+ lost so far!


Great advice on the dips/chins, I never even thought about that. I’ll probably have to increase the weights slightly just to ensure I keep the same level of intensity. I’ll monitor my weight closely and adjust up accordingly. Thanks for the tip.

In general, do you think my program is feasible on V-Diet? From an intensity perspective, I want to make sure I won’t be killing myself due to the lower caloric intake for 28 days.

Thanks for stopping by.



Ok, so here we go. Embarrassing for sure, but here are my measurements and starting photos. I hope by the end of this I’m not scared to take my shirt off anymore…

Goal: To finally have abs that pop and get rid of my love handles.

Stat 4/8/2011 ??
Height 6’ 0
Weight 178.4
Neck 15
Shoulders 42
Chest - Upper 39
Chest - Lower 35.75
Waist - at Navel 32.5
Waist - at largest 32.5
Hips - at largest 35.75
Upper Arm - L(Not Flexed) 13
Upper Arm - R(Not Flexed) 13.5
Upper Leg - L 23.25
Upper Leg - R 23.25
Lower Leg - L 16.75
Lower Leg - R 17
Ankle - L 9
Ankle - R 9


Front Pic


Front Pic


Side Pic


Back Pic


So now it’s all bared out, no excuses starting next week!! I really hope this gets me to my goals (finally).

Thanks for stopping by!



I’ll be watching. Good luck with the diet and lifting. I read a lot of people said the first week was the hardest, but I found it to be the opposite. First week was really easy but the second I was wanting to eat real food.

I haven’t been hungry while on the diet though which is good. Just a few words of warning, haha. I think it’s easier than traditional dieting though, being able to prepare your meals for the day so easily.


Not much to say today, just eagerly awaiting my supps so I can get started.


Good morning fellow V-Dieters! So my supps arrived yesterday and I’m “offically” on the nutrition side of the diet beginning today while I started on the workout side yesterday.

I’m sticking with my base 5 X 5 program, but I’ve lowered my weights in order to account for the limited rest inbetween sets as per the V-Diet recommendation. I think I dialed in my numbers pretty close to where they should be as I know it will get more difficult starting next week on 30 seconds rest.

BTW, I’m not too keen on the recovery drink after trying it last night. It’s WAY to sweet for me as I don’t eat/drink anything sweetened nor do I add sugar to any food I currently consume. I suppose I can deal with it in the short term, but any longer than 6 weeks would be too much for me. The only modification I’m making along the lines of the recovery drink is adding 5g Creatine Mono to the mix.

4/10 Workout (45 second rest between sets):
Squat - 250 X 4 X 5
Bench - 185 X 4 X 5 (Pretty sure I can go up here a bit, will see on 30 seconds rest)
Seated Row - 205 X 4 X 5
Shrug - 250 X 4 X 5 (Can go up here by maybe 20lbs)
BB Curl - 95 X 4 X 5

Wednesday will be interesting as my workout is:
Military Press
Weighted Dips
Weighted Chins

Not sure if if I should do 40 reps at a lower weight for the volume or stick with 20 at a higher weight for the increase in intensity as a % of 1RM. I prefer higher intensity work over higer volume so I’m leaning in that direction.

Well I seem to be rambling so just a quick thought on the shakes. Had my first shake “meal” about an hour ago (banana flavor). Not too bad except for the fact that my shaker cup doesn’t do a good job at mixing. The Superfood was quite lumpy and not very enjoyable so I need to find a better way to mix here at the office.

Oh and last but not least, HOT-ROX is pretty sweet! I took it with my first meal and really like the energy/clarity boost! I find the effect to be “just right” for my body. Very impressive…



Awesome that you started!!!

Yeah, I don’t like the shaken version when using the Superfood. The taste is kinda weird and it does stay lumpy so I prefer those in the blended shakes.

And maybe try adding more water to the recovery drink to make it less sweet?

Look forward to reading your progress!


Ok, so day 1 is in the books, whew (wipe brow). I don’t know what to think at this point other than 28 days is going to be a BITCH!! I’m used to 3500 calories/day and yesterday was a non workout day so 1400/1500 is a stretch for me. I MISS MY CHICKEN BREASTS & STEAK!!!

Oh well, time to focus on the goal, 9% BF down to 6% or 7% and it’s only 27 more days and the end will be here in no time. I just hope I don’t lose much strength so I’m going to keep my workouts as heavy as this calorie deficit will allow.

If this doesn’t work, I may as well just have those last 3 ot 4 pounds sucked out of me!! :slight_smile:

I’ll check in again later after my workout.

Have a good one,


Looks good man. If I may make a suggestion…

You said you lowered the weight, but I think what might work better is lowering your volume, and keeping the intensity higher. One thing that I’ve read a lot about and have learned from experience also, is that while dieting a lot of people will try to do more reps and more volume, being in the mindset of trying to get ripped. In reality you should be doing the exact opposite.

You will have a really hard time recovering from a lot of volume on such low calories, and it will take a toll on strength and muscle loss. I think if you keep the intensity high and volume low, you can maintain that neurological strength and you won’t be breaking down your muscles as much which should be beneficial given the calories you are getting in.

Although, people are so different that who knows what works for everyone. Some people train in some crazy ways and can get away with it. That’s kind of why I am running this diet… it’s like an experiment, lol. So far the diet is going really well for me even though I’ve had a couple extra meals than I am suppose to.

I’ll be lookin forward to seeing your progress as it’s fun to see how someone does on this diet with a good base of strength.


Like minds think alike Joey, that’s exactly how I thin I’m going to approach it from here on out. I’ll go as intense as I can and try not to go overboard on the volume in an attempt to maintain my stength but still lean out.

I find myself hungry all the time, the shakes just aren’t doing it for me in the satiation department. That said, I have no intentions on breaking the diet but it’s going to be a battle of wills for sure based on how I feel after two days.

My workout felt good but the weights felt much heavier than usual. Must be the low carb thing…


135 X 6
225 X 4
300 X 5
300 X 5
300 X 5

Military Press
95 X 6
115 X 4
128 X 5
128 X 5
128 X 5

370 X 5
370 X 5

Weighted Dips
BW + 70# 3 X 5

Weighted Chins
BW + 55# 3 X 5

Appetite through the roof this a.m., can’t wait to get into Mahattan, get off this bus and have a shake…

Catch you guys later!


Sucks about the hunger…funny how we all can have such different experiences. First 2 days were my easiest, lol.

Keep rocking it!


Odd, when I have my shakes on schedule I don’t really feel hungry at all. You are doing the fiber tablets and fish oil with every meal?

Edit: I feel ya on the hunger in the morning though. I chug down that first shake real fast, lol.


[quote]Joweeee wrote:
Odd, when I have my shakes on schedule I don’t really feel hungry at all. You are doing the fiber tablets and fish oil with every meal?

Edit: I feel ya on the hunger in the morning though. I chug down that first shake real fast, lol.[/quote]
Do the fiber tablets make a big difference with cutting down the hunger? I was using them, but found I was wanting to eat more than recommended, so I didn’t pick up any more when I ran out because they were too tempting to keep around.

And, weird, I have NO hunger in the morning. I’ll be starving at night and wake up with zip appetite until half the day is through. First shake takes me the longest to get down.


@Lex - yeah, I’ve had a ravenous appetite, still do. This isn’t easy for me, but I’m sticking it out…

@Joey - I’m doing the fish oil, not the fiber. I figured I wasn’t eating solid food so no need for the fiber really. I can always pick something up from Vitamin Shoppe and see how that goes.

So here I am, not even one week in and I can already see a difference in the mirror as well as in my arms. I must be losing subcutaneous fat pretty quickly as the veins on my arms beginning to emerge like crazy. It’s good to see them again :slight_smile:

Workouts are going well, strength is high, recovery is slooooooooow. I usually work from home on Friday’s so today I worked out in the a.m. I had a pre-workout shake and drank aminos intra workout followed by the recovery drink post workout and man, I feel like I’ve been run over by a Mack truck right now. I’m keeping high intensity/low volume but it’s really kicking my ass. I’m looking forward to the rest over the weekend.

Saturday a.m. is suicide drill day at the high school soccer field. I go with my buddy and we split the field into quarters. One of us starts, sprints the first quarter and as the line is crossed pn the way back, the other takes off. We go 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 & then full field followed by 5 minutes rest and do it another 2 or three times. It will be interesting to see how I fare on low calories. I tend to think it’s really going to impact my hunger problems but we’ll see…

Today’s workout:

135 X 6
135 X 6
185 X 4
225 X 3
285 X 2
300 X 5
300 X 5 *
300 X 5 *

  • Bar speed felt extremely sluggish but I was able to get through.

135 X 8
185 X 6
205 X 5
205 X 5
205 X 5
205 X 4 *
205 X 1

  • 30 seconds rest

Seated Row:
205 X 5
205 X 5
205 X 5
205 X 5

300 X 5
300 X 5
300 X 5

Superset DB Curls + Tricep Dips (body weight only)
95 X 5 + BW X 5
95 X 5 + BW X 5
95 X 5 + BW X 5

Feeling beat to shit right now. Due for a shake shortly, hopefully will feel better after getting some more calories in me.

Talk to you guys later!