V-Diet Extreme!?!


V-Diet verterans here starting our annual V-Diet Monday to lean out a bit for summer, and to break some bad eating habits that developed with bulking the past 6 months or so. This will be our 3rd go of it, and can’t wait as our previous results have been awesome! We experimented with the Anaconda Protocol, Pulse Fasts, and Pulse Feasts after last year’s vdiet and really had some great results with those as well.

This time around, we’d like to ‘up the anty’ a bit and combine those other programs, along w/ fasted am cardio daily for an hr - brisk wakling on a treadmill (or outside - weather permitting)…not intense cardio. From an older Fasted Cardio article on here ( ), we’d be sipping on a MAG-10 drink (made with 1 scoop) every 15 mins during the fasted cardio hour.

Our V-Diet Extreme would look like:

Weeks 1 - 4

M - Pulse Fast, am Fasted Cardio, Nepa
T - V-Diet, am Fasted Cardio, Nepa
W - V-Diet, am Fasted Cardio, Nepa
Th - Pulse Fast, am Fasted Cardio, Nepa
F - V-Diet, am Fasted Cardio, Nepa
S - V-Diet, VBurn Challenge, Nepa (HSM day)
Su - V-Diet, am Fasted Cario, Nepa

Weeks 5 - 6 on the transition would be:

M - Pulse Fast, am Fasted Cardio, Nepa
T - Pulse FEAST, am Fasted Cardio, Nepa
W - Pulse FEAST, am Fasted Cardio, Nepa
Th - Pulse Fast, am Fasted Cardio, Nepa
F - Pulse FEAST, am Fasted Cardio, Nepa
S - Pulse FEAST, am Fasted Cardio, Nepa
Su - V-Diet, VBurn Challenge, Nepa (HSM day)

Has anyone tried a setup like this? Thoughts? The results should be as good, if not better than the standard setup, and getting a break from the shakes would be a nice change. (I personally can’t stand the taste of Metabolic Drive…but can’t really stand any protein powder for that matter)

We are also considering changing up the workouts to something like this:

We’d still keep the pace up like the standard vdiet workouts, and add in Abs each workout and a couple supplementary excersises as needed.

The goal of course, is to lose as much bodyfat as possible, BUT to maintain strength on the bigger lifts (squats, deads, bench, shoulder press) that we’ve been working hard on for the past 6 months. We’ve done our previous 2 V-Diets to a T, and followed the workouts religiously. We even added that fasted cardio with MAG-10 drink on the transition last year which helped shed some extra weight and improved our overall fitness.

While the results were awesome, and the bodyfat melted away, we did lose some strength in those bigger lifts (which yes, did come back eventually - and the Anaconda protocol supps definitely played a part), but we’d like to experiment a bit and see if we can’t get “summer ripped” and maintain a bit more strength.

We are really just looking to take the V-Diet to the next level and combine some of the other great protocols to see just how extreme it can be!

Extreme? Too Extreme? Feedback welcome!


Hey Chris, I’m the other guy doing this with Evan. As you can see, we’re both V-Diet veterans(this will be our 3rd go at it). So, we got a little curious and wanted to see if we could up the anty a little. After reading what Evan has above, what are your thoughts on this program?

We were also tossing around the idea of throwing in a clean Pulse Feast on Saturdays/Sundays.



I love a good “lab wabbit” experiment. I see nothing wrong with it on paper, and if anything comes up you can always tweak it from week to week.

I like a clean Pulse Feast as well. I’d take a hit of leucine with it or slam a MAG-10 right before starting.


Thanks for your reply Chris. As for the hit of leucine/MAG-10 before starting, what are you referring to? Before the meal itself?


If you use MAG-10, drink it 15 minutes or so before feasting begins. If using straight L-Leucine powder, have it with the meal.


Down 11 lbs. the first week!!! Woaaahhh!!!


[quote]Evan@Tischer wrote:
Down 11 lbs. the first week!!! Woaaahhh!!![/quote]

Holy crap. That’s awesome!


Scratch that, just weighed in today - down 14 lbs since starting last Monday! (started at 185, down to 171)

Only difference from the original plan outlined above is I threw in 2 HSM’s (first one: 2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites, onions, peppers, non fat shredded cheese, turkey bacon, 1/2 baked potato, 2nd one: seared lean beef strips on large salad, oil and balsamic vinegar dressing, and green beans) on Saturday w/ 2 shakes, and an additional HSM (ham, green beans, large salad w/ oil and vinegar) on Sunday w/ the rest being shakes. This was because we didnt do the 2nd Pulse Fast day until Friday, and I wanted to take advantage of the ‘window’ following the fast and am fasted cardio with some healthy food instead of just shakes. We’ll probably save the Pulse Feasts until the transition weeks as this seems to be working better than expected.


I’m down 10lbs. since last Monday here(215–>205). Had two HSM’s over the weekend. One at lunch on Saturday(Lean Beef, Shredded Chicken(no sauce), and big salad w/ oil/vinegar). Sunday I had Turkey, Green Beens, a few Hard-boiled eggs, and salad w/ oil vinegar).

The rest of the meals over the weekend were straight V-Diet shakes following the normal timing/protocol.

Pulse Fasting today again today…


you guys having any trouble sleeping the evening of the pulse fasts?


I have trouble sleeping anytime on the vdiet - I sweat, my heart races, can’t sleep worth a sh*t…but I know it’s working. It’s even worse when on the Pulse Fasts, but I’d do those anyday since they taste so good, and I have to literally choke down the regular shakes. (not a fan of any protein powder… have to hold my nose, chug, and immediately rinse my mouth out or I hurl. I even gag when I’m preparing the shakes or just thinking about it…ohwell, the sacrifice is worth it IMO)

I gave the Z-12 a shot in hopes I’d be able to get some shut-eye…but didn’t really do anything even at full dosage. Anyone know of anything else that might help?


[quote]Ken Rose wrote:
you guys having any trouble sleeping the evening of the pulse fasts?[/quote]

Hey Ken, yes - I’ve experienced this on the evening of the Pulse Fasts as well. Must be pretty common…


Odd pulse fast nights I sleep like a baby. I had trouble sleeping one night because my CNS and metabolic system were so ramped up.


i had problems with sleep at first. i fixed it by taking melatonin as well as letting my body get cold before trying to sleep. i always feel hot on pulse fast or v-diet nights, it must be the fat burning or something. getting my body cold before i get under the covers in bed helps tremendously.


[quote]GregManzo wrote:
i had problems with sleep at first. i fixed it by taking melatonin as well as letting my body get cold before trying to sleep. i always feel hot on pulse fast or v-diet nights, it must be the fat burning or something. getting my body cold before i get under the covers in bed helps tremendously. [/quote]

Thanks for the tip! The melatonin definitely helps! Sleep! Finally!!! :slight_smile:


First 4 Weeks done - started at 185, down to 163 as of today. (loss of 22 lbs, goal is 25…so almost there). Stuck mostly to the above plan but ran out of MAG-10 so missed a Pulse Fast, and didn’t bother Pulse Feasting as the progress was just fine w/ the standard vdiet and hsm’s. Also life got in the way of the fasted cardio sessions everyday - but managed to get a few in each week in addition to the daily Nepa walks. (made sure to do the fasted cardio sessions the day following the Pulse Fasts - talk about feeling like you’re cutting weight!)

Just ordered the new MAG-10, but what is the mixture for a Pulse Fast with the new stuff??


Evan, those are great results. Nice work!

I have not had a chance to talk to Tim Patterson or Thibaudeau and discuss any possible changes to the Pulse Fast plan. We’ll probably discuss it in the Live Coaching livespill once we do.


Just got the new shipment of MAG-10 and other supps today! Thanks for the hyper-fast shipping!! …and the free sample of brain candy!

Doing another pulse fast today, looks as though 1 scoop of the new formula is comparable to a scoop of the old (just w/ some extra carbs and probably other goodies)…so I’m going to stick to the standard 5 scoops per 2000ml, 1 400ml pulse every 2 hrs. First pulse w/ the new stuff down, tastes MUCH smoother than the old! Also, thumbs up on the larger container!


Evan, Jason, Chris-
Just started Evan’s program this Monday, May 7th. So far, so good! I like it! I like alternating the shakes with MAG-10. I actually like pulse fasting days better than V-Diet days because they are a break from the shakes! The new MAG-10 seems to be a little better for the pulse fast. I really cant put my finger on the reason, but it seems better.

I especially like the larger tubs. On my next pulse fast I might add the new Anaconda since it doesnt have creatine. So far the new Anaconda is working well for me and I use it during and after workouts… Im following the V-diet advanced workout, cycling, and jumproping. I am preparing for a triathlon in July. HSM on Sunday!


Keep us posted, mmcrath!