V-Diet Experience

I just thought I’d toss in my experience with the Velocity Diet. I am finishing my last week, having started at 195. I don’t have a scale, but I’ll find out what I now weigh this weekend. I am noticeably leaner, I could use an extra notch in my belt at this point. You know the thing you can do now - if you followed the diet - where you tuck your butt and your pants fall off, even with your belt cinched as much as possible? That’s awesome.

I wanted to stick to the diet as closely as possible, the only caloric addition was a fiber supplement in the form of fiber bars. Puritans might scoff, but I seem to have avoided the headaches and diarrhea experiences some people have reported. I also can’t risk unnecessary side-effects interfering with my job.

Additional supplements from Biotest that I included were Brain Candy, Rhodiola, and Curcumin. I used Brain Candy for the first half, along with Alphasurge DRV from 1st phorm. Those were great training sessions, and on my next V-Diet I’ll use them the entire time or save them for the last half.

I have a before pic floating around somewhere, I have no need for feedback however. I am clearly leaner. These things called veins suddenly appeared in my forearms, and in my shoulders after a nice set of handstand push-ups. My midsection is more defined, nothing amazing. Although the initial, “Is that a weird tumor?! Wait no it’s my serratus” effect was amusing.

Additionally I wanted to gauge how the diet affected my allergies, which can be severe. I wanted to see if an something like this might help. While I was doubtful at first the usual symptoms have subsided considerably. That alone has been a great result, and is just the cherry on the sundae of the overall experience and results.

As an FYI: I did some serious holiday damage so this was my Ready for Spring Shred, aka severely needed damage control. I made up a new name for fun, for some reason it seemed to give me a little edge. Is it the best name? Maybe not. I like it better than “Leaner Through Lunges”, “So Hungry I Would Eat You Alive”, and “People Still Do Jumping Jacks?”. I like my spin on the name a little better, just a minor motivational quirk. Of course I always referred to the program by it’s proper name if talking to anyone else about it. Ok, did I ever get really hungry? Of course. The only times I did the added scoop for the day was if I was experiencing distracting hunger or had training related soreness.

Would I do this again? Yes, I’m already planning my next 28 days a few months from now.

What would I change about the training routine? The walkouts. They were challenging, although I wanted to swap them for another movement. I didn’t however, and I stuck to the plan. Something like v-tucks and pike compressions came to mind. Do they incorporate the same locomotive pattern as walkouts? No. Are they training a similar stabilization pattern? No. However, I still want to mix them in next time around to focus more on what I’m training when not doing the program. The reverse crunch, focusing on pulling the knees straight back as opposed to focusing at folding at the hip, a la leg lifts were great though. Other than that I enjoyed the routine and followed the set, rep, and rest ranges as indicated. Maybe a 3x5 addition for flexibility and skill maintenance once per week? I really don’t want to mess up the experiment though. Anyway, moving on.

I’ll keep the Brain Candy in the mix next time, and probably add Indigo-3G. Actually I want to do an ultimate Biotest Stack (with the Alphasurge). Maybe by also adding Micro-PA? I’ll just wait and see.

Did I do the NEPA walks? Not exactly. I walk for a large part of the day, frequently while carrying an additional load. If I had days with low activity I would include some loaded carries and stroll around the house for a few minutes.

I kept a carbohydrate source on hand just in case I experienced headaches, became disoriented or light headed, or experienced pronounced fatigue symptoms. Over the course of four weeks I had approximately 210 “calories of need”. I’m still satisfied with the end result and don’t think those events had a noticeable effect on the overall results.

I drank coffee and tea. I started using a zero calorie sweetener during this last week, and it has made the week so much better. It was cheaper than Brain Candy, that’s all. Although Salted caramel zero calorie sweetener and coffee mixed in with a 1-1 chocolate vanilla shake is delicious.

I found most of the “support me” stuff to be distracting hype, posting daily or weekly results draws attention to something I’m allowing to fade into the background. I read this before beginning the plan and found the applied principle very effective:

I know it helps many people, just not me. I’m not that type of social animal. The routine and diet went well for me, and by planning ahead I avoided most of the pitfalls and obstacles others seemed to encounter.

What I don’t understand is why so many people use this as a template and mix in what appears to be a bunch of random crap. It’s not the Velocity Diet at that point, it’s your pineapple-oatmeal-fish and soy protein mutant hybrid. What you get with that is the equivalent of the love child from the Toxic Avenger, Chunk, and Swamp Thing. It needs a home, just not yours. Do the diet or don’t, I think the only reason I did well was because I didn’t overthink it. I tracked my HSM calories, session times, and followed the directions. I added Rhodiola and Brain Candy to combat expected negative side effects. The pre-planning, willingness to invest, and simplicity let me focus on other things.

Flavors of everything: Orange for Plazma - delicious (yes I tried some without the flavoring, oh my god that’s not tasty), and the banana, chocolate, and vanilla protein are going to happen again. Sorry Strawberry, it’s not you, it’s me. I… just don’t like you. We tried it, but I was forcing it in the end. Good god I couldn’t wait for you to leave, but I also didn’t want to see you go to waste. The vanilla isn’t the best I’ve had, but it’s quality product so I’m not expecting some absurd gourmet product line. Chocolate-vanilla and chocolate-banana are my favourite combinations. Superfood has a great flavor and mixed that in my morning chocolate-vanilla shake. I wanted to use it more frequently, not sure if there would actually be any benefit besides acting as an expensive flavor additive past a certain point.

I hope everyone is sticking to the plan and seeing results. Just remember,
c’est tout bien mon petite croissants.


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