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My name is Mike. I ordered the supplements and plan on starting the V-Diet to see if I can supercharge my fat loss. I am a pretty experienced lifter (about 40 years) and I have a good amount of muscle mass (I am 252 lbs, somewhere around 20-25% BF). I have a few injuries and have to modify a couple exercises in the program. Back being the worst, but my shoulders are not so good either (pullups and dips kill them).I also have a home gym so I am somewhat limited in selection (I only have dumbbells up to 30, but I have a bench and barbell, and rack with weights up to 600). Anyway- I was wondering if switching out the back squat for Deadlifts or Sumo-Deadlifts would be ok. Front squat I will switch out for Zercher Squats. Also, the Dips. Possibly for Bench (favorite lift)? I need to find a switch for the following lifts (due to various injuries or equipment):

Overhead Squat-
Incline Dumbbell Press
Hanging Knee Raise
Front Squat

A few I have ideas for as noted above- I think Incline Dumbbell is easy- I can just do ab wheel rollouts for hanging knee raises I suppose. Not sure about pull-ups- possibly landmine rows? or pendlay rows? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I might be missing it, but which workout in the plan includes the back squat? Some type of squat variation would be better than a deadlift since a deadlift variation has its own day.

In general, making good substitutions that stick as close to the original plan as possible is best. With your training experience, that shouldn’t be an issue. Try to keep the movement patterns the same and, as much as possible, the implements (bodyweight, dumbbells, etc.)

My choices, without knowing your specific limitations, would probably be:

One-arm overhead squat (it’s easier on the shoulders)
Push-up (weighted if necessary)
Horizontal row (a.k.a. fat-man pull-up)
Landmine press
Reverse crunch
Lumberjack squat

Thank you Chris. I have some quite a few back issues, including a past t spine surgery, so I don’t like to load my spine and am careful with overhead work. My issue with the squat (esp in the advanced workout) is getting a weight that is high enough for 4-5 reps. I realize they are different movement patterns, but I was thinking that Sumo squats hit the quads and hams (regardless of movement pattern), so I was thinking in terms of muscles worked vs movement patterns. Lumberjack squats might work vs overhead squat. Thank you for the suggestions.

My shoulders have some pain issues as well, which I need to get checked out. Bench hurts a bit, but strength doesn’t seem to be affected. Hanging on the pullup bar kills.

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