V-Diet Eve

I have been prepping to start the V diet for about 4 weeks now just slowly cutting back on my cal and fat intake.

Today (Eve)
I ate

1 Whey Shake
All my normal supps
1 half cup of green beans
1 half cup of baby carrots
1 half cup of broc
2 pieces of Ham
1 Piece of skinless chicken

I drank another whey shake

then around 6 I went to subway and got a 6 in turkey sub.

So yes… this is my Binge before I start.
I am going to stick this out … It’s gonna hurt though lol
But it will be worth it!

Thats all you ate today?

Plus, it really isnt bad at all. I’m actually finding myself enjoying it, but I’m only on day 6.

Oh, I’m enjoying the results, too. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

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