V-Diet - Ethan's Log

Hello everyone, I decided to start the V-Dietyesterday. I’ve never done it before, so we’ll see how well it goes. I’m traveling 4 days a week for work, so it’s pretty difficult to eat healthy sometimes. I do my best, but it’s been hard to get beach ready on the road so I got interested in the V-Diet because it takes all the work out of choosing my food for the next month. I typically eat a pretty clean diet (before starting V-Diet) of eggs, lean meats, fruits, vegetables, complex carbs, whey, etc.

I am accustomed to dieting as I trimmed down last summer and bulked up this winter, but as I mentioned before it’s really hard to control quality and quantity on the road so trimming down this summer has not been as successful as I would have liked.

I weighed in yesterday at 176 Lbs, so that’ll be the baseline for tracking my progress. I’m 6’0, and around 10-11% body fat currently. I haven’t done any measurements yet, but I’m going to take some starting pics so I can compare when I am done.

Even though yesterday was my first day, I actually already messed it up. I found it difficult to eat so many times, that I actually missed my bedtime snack. I was so tired and I had just finished the dinner meal, that I couldn’t stay awake another 2-3 hours to eat a bedtime snack so I just hit the sack. Hopefully I’ll be better about my timing and the spacing of my meals today.

One thing I noticed is that my stomach started feeling a little bit uncomfortable towards the end of the day yesterday. Has anyone else noticed that when starting the V-Diet? I wasn’t sure if it was due to my body just not being happy about all the protein powder I had ingested, or if it was the HOT-ROX making me uncomfortable, or if I was just hungry. Any comments would definitely be appreciated.

I can’t speak for everyone but I had the same thing so skipped a couple of days on the HOT-ROX and I felt better. Back on the HOT-ROX now and feel a bit off again, but it does not seem all that bad.

Thanks for the tip, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the HOT-ROX making me feel sour. So far I feel fine today, so we’ll see how the evening goes. I’m going to skip the afternoon dose of HOT-ROX.

Welcome to the V-Team man! Much success to you. Yeah, there were a few times that I would feel nauseous in the morning. Dr. ruled out I was pregnant…lol

I am taking 4 HOT-ROX a day but never realized that could cause this so thanks Nickesenb!

Again, welcome to the madness.

Thanks for the encouragement Jason. I’m not used to stimulants, so I’m starting out with 2 HOT-ROX per day, although I only took one today and I didn’t have the same nausea problem that I did yesterday, so perhaps that was the problem.

I just finished up my bedtime snack, a successful second day on the V-DIET. I took some pics today, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll take my measurements before my workout and post them up here.

So far so good, I’m feeling nice and full all day long, the only thing I’m concerned about is staying focused this weekend and not drinking alcohol. That is usually my downfall, and has been the prevented of me getting sub 10% body fat for some time now. It’s not the alcohol itself that is the killer, but the pizza that follows :frowning: I’ll definitely need some encouragement when Friday rolls around!

By the way, took a look at your log Jason, awesome progress! How many more days do you have?

Yeah, I love the alcohol! It sits well with my addictive personality. Almost a year for me cold turkey tho and that alone has helped me lose…at least a pint a night for 10 years and sometimes a fifth…Wrong forum for this tho.

Keep up the work, sound like the diet is not gonna be an issue for you and it absolutely gets easier not worse. I have not cheated because I knew it would lead to more…yeah, I know me.

I have this week left b4 the transition stage and already planning my attack for whats next. This thing has shown me that what my trainer says is correct…70% of what you stick in your kisser and 30% gym. I am hoping to bulk some if I complete this with good enough numbers…if not, I will continue with cardio everyday 'til I feel good about bulking.

Thanks so much for the encouragement. this forum was my least favorite thing about the diet but has turned out to be very helpful for me and it is awesome to log in and see strangers give encouragement! Go V-TEAM!

Yesterday was good. 3rd day completed. Today is my fourth day. So far I haven’t had any mess-ups, but I’m starting to definitely crave real food for the first time. Also, I woke up hungry for the first time as well. But still hanging in strong so far.

Hey man, did you have the shake with natural nut butter right b4 bed? I usually take it to bed and chug it between chelsea lately and whatever is next. If you drank it to early that may be why you woke up hungry???

You really are only a little bit b4 that HSM…I did steak the first two times, and I love my steak but I found it was way too heavy for me…could not finish the whole meal. Start planning what you want…I also like to prepare it myself so that it’s more of a treat and last a little longer. NO Pizza or beer/crown royal! LOL

Great job man, it’s really only a nano second of life if that!


I think you are right. I drank the nighttime shake with peanut butter around 10:00 PM, but then I tossed in my bed for a couple of hours and ultimately didn’t get to bed until close to 1:30 AM. Then I slept until almost 8:00 AM.

I think you hit the nail on the head. I was hoping to go to bed earlier, but I just couldn’t get to sleep. Maybe I’ll prepare the shake and keep it next to my bed until I’m just about to pass out tonight. Good tip!

I’m definitely thinking steak for the HSM this week. I am used to having red meat 2-3 times a week for testosterone boost from when I was packing on muscle, so I am really really craving red meat. We’ll see how well it goes down on Friday. I’m thinking bison sirloin, sweet potato, and some steamed broccoli.

Haha, I hear you on the pizza / booze. I would love for nothing more than a big meat lovers pizza and a couple of thick porters or stouts on Friday, but I’m determined to keep control!

Funny thing is, I never really craved sweets, even before dieting. What I crave is nice stout beers and carb heavy foods, haha.

Wrapping up day four. Was a difficult afternoon because work buddies met up at a bar for drinks and bar food. I stayed strong on the diet and had a couple of diet cokes. I have to admit, my favorite part about this diet is the peanut butter.

That has got to be my favorite food in the world. There are seriously days when I will sit down and crush a jar with a spoon. So honestly, the natural nut butter every night is like a treat every day!

That nut butter is what keeps me sane on this. Glad to hear everything is going well. Just a couple more days until your HSM!!! Steak is on the menu for me next week… This week is seafood…

I agree about the natural nut butter…my son (teenager) always cracks up when I say that. “huh huh natural nut butter” I started mixing it in my last shake…i was just eating it but its so dry. Love that shake.

Keep on going!

Haha, honestly when I eat peanut butter typically I eat it alone with a spoon. My friends think I’m crazy but I don’t want anything (ie: apples, bread, etc.) to dilute the taste of the peanut butter. I’ve thought about mixing it into the shake, but I think I’d rather just spoon it and thoroughly enjoy a couple minutes of bliss every night before bed, hahaha!

Hey and Mr.! you need to post some stats…common, quit slackin’ on the stats!

Yeah, yeah. My bad…I need to get on that this weekend. I’ll update my body measurements this weekend, and as soon as I finish my workout over lunch today I’ll post my stats. I’m doing the “intermediate” training program.

Tueday’s Workout:

Set : Weight : Reps

Squat (1): 205 : 5
Squat (2): 205 : 5
Squat (3): 205 : 5
Squat (4): 205 : 5
Squat (5): 205 : 5
Chin-up (1): Bodyweight : 13
Chin-up (2): Bodyweight : 4
Chin-up (3): Bodyweight : 4
Chin-up (4): Bodyweight : 4
Dumbbell Bench Press (1): 70 (each hand) : 5
Dumbbell Bench Press (2): 70 : 5
Dumbbell Bench Press (3): 70 : 5
Dumbbell Bench Press (4): 70 : 5
Dumbbell Bench Press (1): 70 : 3
Hanging Leg Lift (1): Bodyweight : 8
Hanging Leg Lift (2): Bodyweight : 5
Hanging Leg Lift (3): Bodyweight : 5
Hanging Leg Lift (4): Bodyweight : 3

Just hit the gym over my lunch break. Here’s my workout summary:

Set: Weight: Reps

Dumbell Step-Up (1): 45 (each hand) : 8
Dumbell Step-Up (2): 45 (each hand) : 8
Dumbell Step-Up (3): 45 (each hand) : 8
Dumbell Step-Up (4): 45 (each hand) : 8
Dumbell Step-Up (5): 45 (each hand) : 8
Barbell Bent-Over Row (1): 90 : 8
Barbell Bent-Over Row (2): 90 : 8
Barbell Bent-Over Row (3): 90 : 8
Barbell Bent-Over Row (4): 90 : 8
Barbell Bent-Over Row (5): 90 : 8
Dumbell Push Press (1): 45 (each hand) : 8
Dumbell Push Press (2): 45 (each hand) : 8
Dumbell Push Press (3): 45 (each hand) : 8
Dumbell Push Press (4): 45 (each hand) : 5
Dumbell Push Press (5): 45 (each hand) : 4
Barbell Curl (1): 70 : 8
Barbell Curl (2): 70 : 8
Barbell Curl (3): 70 : 7
Barbell Curl (4): 70 : 3
Barbell Curl (5): 70 : 3

I must admit, the thing I like the least about this diet is the Surge Recovery. It’s way too sweet for my taste. I’m used to taking whey protein post-workout, and even having fast digesting carbs as well. But this shake is incredibly sweet and it almost makes me gag a little bit. What is everyone else’s thoughts on it?

Man, that was my complaint too! I mix it with more water and its better. I bought raspberry I think.

Yesterday was difficult! Everything was fine up until after my workout. Then I started getting a little bit of nausea followed by a headache that followed me around the rest of the day. I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure it’s the HOT-ROX because yesterday was my first day back on it. I am going to lay off of that stuff again for a couple more days and see how I feel.

However, the worst part was the plane flight home last night when all I could think about was bar food (nasty greasy stuff that I don’t even eat under normal conditions). So anyway, I made it through yesterday, day 5 completed.

Today is HSM day, can’t wait! I also need to go buy a tape measure so I can finally take my measurements and post them up here.

By the way, here’s a pic I took on Sunday when I started the V-DIET. I’ll take another one on this upcoming Sunday to help track progress.

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