V-Diet, Ephedrine and Monster

My last attempt at the v-diet was at 220 and in 3 weeks I was at 203. the 4th week of the diet my weight didn’t budge even at the lower calorie intake.

I was drinking lo-carb monster energy drink once per day. 20 calories. and 6g of carbs for each drink according to the label.
I was also taking ephedrine once per day in the morning. 25 mg.

Is this the culprit or why would my weight not change the final week when following the diet to a t?

I started the v-diet again two days ago and am only doing what is recommended. But, psychologically, I could use some more caffeine or something besides water to drink. Any recommendations?

Hi Igloo, I’m not sure if that’s what the problem was the last time, but you’ll hear it over and over on this forum: you will get the BEST results if you follow the VDiet exactly as written.

That being said, I did follow the VDiet to the letter, but I didn’t lose any weight in my last week, either…I still lost inches–which was okay by me.

I also needed a caffiene boost, so after I got used to the HOT-ROX, I added in a half cup of black coffee to my day. By the end, I was back up to 2 or 3 black coffees per day. It did seem to help with some of the ‘dragginess’ I experienced from the low-carbs.

You can also do green tea, which has some caffeine in it. Or Crystal Lite Iced Tea–which is also leaded.

Good luck!

You will lose more weight/burn more calories on any diet with ephedrine/caffeine. This is basic thermodynamics.

Well seeing as this is your second time doing the diet I’m assuming you are doing primarily for fat loss and not for the taste/craving changes.

If you were doing it for the taste/craving changes I would advise against the sweet Monster drink (even the low carb version tastes sweet when you’re on a low carb diet). I can’t see that those two items alone were causing you to stall out that 4th week. Chances are it was something else.

If you started the v-diet coming off of a really low calorie diet your metabolism could have been slowed way down to start. Maybe you missed a shake here and there. That is pretty normal in the last two weeks.

I started the v-diet “this time” coming off a 20lbs bulk “on purpose” and have been having some weird feelings this time around. My body is much hotter than it was the last time. I’m sure that will fade away after a week or so.

I started on wednesday and wasn’t sure if I should have my weekly meal this sunday during football or a week from this sunday to have my weekly meal.

Also, drinking the lo-carb monster got to the point where I was having 2-3 cans/day. So yes, I would like to curb those cravings. I may end up supplementing w/ a little more caffeine though.

I just found out I have a 210 test level, then retested and got a 340. Still pretty low, there are concerns I may have sleep apnea and I am going to see a sleep doctor on the 1st of october.

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