V-Diet - Electrolyte Question


So, like a dumb-a**, I thought it would be a good idea to do the Vdiet challenge outside in the terrible a** 90 degree florida heat (day 2) at 8am. I didn’t feel that bad, but I had to take breaks & fought off the urge to throw up several times- weakness leaving the body. I had to ring out my clothes in the shower when I finished; I did intermediate/ 6 rounds. It took me just under 40 mins; too hot. I blended my shake with ice and unsweetened almond milk & water (+23 calories)… and then I added some carb free artificially sweetened electrolyte powder & vitamin C booster to my gallon of water… is that ok or is that cheating??? The heat did a number on me. We typically train like that at work, but I haven’t been current with it… so, is this allowable?


For the V-Diet, Metabolic Drive shakes should really be blended with just water/ice, no faux-milks. You might want to use one scoop of Plazma for the V-burn in weather like that. It has a sodium/potassium blend, so you’re still getting the electrolytes, and the other ingredients should help you work through the heat as well. Only downside is that you’ll need to grab another bag of it before the end of the plan.

In terms of adding other “stuff” to the diet for whatever reason… like, technically you can, it’s just a slippery slope and it introduces factors that can make it trickier to track progress.

If something’s calorie-free, it might be a safe bet depending on the context, but you just want to be careful that it doesn’t lead to rationalizing things like “pickles are almost calorie-free, so I’ll snack on just one or two between shakes” or “a pre-workout banana goes straight to fuel the training so it’s fine.”

Be smart, use your judgment, and track/notate whatever variables you do introduce. Unusual circumstances, like training in crazy heat, are outside the norm and can be weird to handle in any case, so make the best of it.


Thank you. No more alternates. I wasnt snacking in between. The only thing was addition of chia seeds. It may just be a me adjusting. Ill be smarter about it, I guess. I work directly under 3 mD’s… they’re the ones who suggested the electrolyte supplementation. The rest of the diet- green light.