V-Diet Effect on Health Markers

Hi Chris,

I’ve enjoyed your writings in the past on longevity and solid nutrition to live a long healthy life. I’ve also enjoyed some of Johnny Bowden’s books (The Great Cholesterol Myth) on the subject.

As it relates to the Velocity Diet, I know you probably have some stats on change in body comp, tape measurement reduction, and even total average pounds lost in the “typical” V-dieter. But I was wondering about change in blood pressure, triglycerides, or “evil” sub-type particles of LDL cholesterol.

I’m sure the V-diet has positive effects on some of these, I was just wondering about anecdotal, published, or even personal stories of positive effect. I have personal heart concerns and would like to live past 50.

We’ve had many V-Dieters, including coach Dan John, have all the regular tests done and all of them show great results in health markers. Fat loss has that amazing effect. I don’t recall Dan’s actual numbers, but he wrote about how his doctor was shocked. I’ve also heard reports from V-Dieters who have been able to lose enough weight to get off a lot of their meds (with their doc’s consent of course.). Nothing formal, but everything I’ve heard is very positive.

Dan John: That’s the really exciting part, Chris. Check this out:


Total Cholesterol: 255
Triglycerides: 182
HDL: 41.2
LDL: 177.6


Total Cholesterol: 171
Triglycerides: 103
HDL 46.9
LDL 103

Doctor Brunetti said, “I have never seen this! What did you do again?”

This is fact. This is science. This is much better: HDL up, bad stuff down. Twenty-eight days… look at the difference!

Thanks, JW22! I knew that floating around here somewhere!

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