V-Diet During Injury Recovery?

I am currently coming off a l.knee injury and dealing with a partial tear in my suppraspinatous (R. rotator cuff). These injuries have killed my progress plus my own mentality to get sloppy with nutrition not being able to work out as hard as I would like to. I started at 292lbs dropped to 233lbs and now back at 251lbs. It sucks!!

I am well on the path to recovery but have to alternate out exercises that my shoulder currently limits…What are your thoughts of V-Dieting during injury? TO me it makes sense but would really like others opinions. Huge fan and very familiar with many of the supplements avalable through T Nation and most all required for the V Diet


It can work as long as you still weight train to the best of your abilities.

game on then!!; thanks Chris

I still have a jug of MAG-10 is it ok to sip on this during workouts while on the V?

@Jay: Yes, but it will add some calories. No worries though with a serving per day.

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