V-Diet Discount?

Biotest ever consider making a V-Diet package discount?

good idea…It’d be especially expensive for me, thats why I have never really considered it.

I’d really like to do this diet but cant afford the at least $650 to do it.(13 Metabolic Drive, 2 HOT-ROX, 2 Surge and 2 Flameout)

I already have a ton of protein that Ive had for a while. the biggest nutrient difference i see compared to met drive is the cholesterol. has a slight discount package…

This has been the biggest barrier for me also.

For a lot of people the V-Diet is not expensive cause they are saving a lot of money in groceries for a month

You can have the same or better results doing a low cal diet with real food.

Just is harder cause you need to cook your chicken, green veggies, etc. you will need a digital food scale, the HOT-ROX, ZMA, multi and you’re set.

Consider the money you will be saving by not eating out, not buying groceries, not drinking alcohol, not buying snacks throughout the day, and not offering to pick up other peoples share in any of the aforementioned.

I went a whole week without spending money on anything but gas for my car…which is also a small fortune

$650 for 28 days?
650/4 weeks = 162.50/week

I do not spend anywhere near that kind of money on food ever. so to me the arguement of not spending money on food is a little foolish.

It’s just an expensive intial benefit. I spent about 10 bucks each on four HSM’s for the month. I actually ended up profiting after the month lol.

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