V-Diet: DEXA Results and Pics



I am lucky enough to have access to a DEXA machine, as I have a client who lets me use it as often as I’d like. The results were simply unreal.

Pre V-Diet DEXA Scan
Body Fat: 16.4%
Body Mass: 89 kg (195.8 lb)
Fat Mass: 13.90 kg (30.58 lb)
Muscle Mass: 71.07 kg (156.35 lb)
Android Fat: 19.7%
Gynoid Fat: 21.7%

Post V-Diet DEXA Scan
Body Fat: 9.6%
Body Mass: 84 kg (184.8 lb)
Fat Mass: 7.7 kg (16.92 lb)
Muscle Mass: 72.3 kg (159.06 lb)
Android Fat: 8.3%
Gynoid Fat: 13.7%

Body Fat: -6.8%
Body Mass: -5 kg (11 lb)
Fat Mass: -6.2 kg (13.64 lb)
Muscle Mass: +1.29 kg (2.84 lb)
Android Fat: -11.4%
Gynoid Fat: -8%












Seriously nice work man.


Nice results! You can really see every ab clearly in the after haha


amazing results,did you follow the v program strictly or did you do extra work.can you remmeber the average daily nepa time ?


I didn’t follow the workouts at all.


cancan you elaborate on your workout ?


I would say it is similar to that of 5/3/1 in terms of the lifting portion.


ok,thanks…but what about cardio, you lost lot of fat…is it only from low caloric intake