V-Diet Day One

Alright, so Im starting the V-Diet today. NEPA as soon as my daughter wakes up. Going to go on a brisk walk. (hopefully before it rains, but thatd be fun too!) Then the weight training while my daycare kids are napping.
I stopped breastfeeding a few months ago and my metabolism shut down / cravings went crazy.
Super excited to do the V-Diet and reset my mind and body… shedding lbs while I do it. :wink:

No pics or measurements today.

I honestly don’t feel mentally prepared for it, but the time is now and I will not stop. I have someone cheering me on that wouldn’t let me even if I begged to. Very thankful for that .

NEPA didn’t happen this morning. Daughter slept in pretty late compared to usual.
Shake 1 ( 815 am)
Banana blended w ice and the recommended diet additives
Took Flameout, HOT-ROX, and fiber pill **Flameout def gonna be the hardest part for me to down. blech =P
HAD NO IDEA IT WOULD MAKE SO MUCH. 40 oz. Probably took too long to drink it all…
Don’t like the foaminess of it when I blend. Think Ill stick to the shaker from now on Unless someone has any ideas on how to stop the foam? It had me gagging… couldn’t finish it.

Shake 2 (1115 am) Little dizzy, but thinkin that’s cuz I couldn’t finish the first shake. Shaking instead of blending this time .
So much better than the banana, though I think the shaking and the lack of flax made this one easier. I also took the Flameout after the shake, which stopped the gagging.

Work Out ( 1245 pm then 1 pm ) Beginner Program
did it twice , because the first time I was using 2 10 lb weights and was able to do all 40 reps at one time
Moved up to 25 lb each arm . Still too light for legs… Will try 50s for squats and such wednesday.
Problem solved for arms though (well nearly… 10 RM )
–Felt good. Sad its only every other day!–

Surge Recovery (135 pm )
Chocolate . yum! Little chalky, don’t think I shook it long enough.
Was hard to finish!
No idea how I will have another shake in less than an hour. When Surge is taken, do I move the shakes to a later time?

Shake 3 (215 pm)
Pretty good stuff. My daughter loves them all. Lol.

Having a hard time getting it all down. Feeling sick but hungry but not either of those at the same time?

Shake 4 (5 pm)
Was really hungry before this one, but since I didn’t finish shake 3 its to be expected.
Chocolate w flax (still not a fan)
Super grainy

NEPA - Brisk walk at the park a little over 30 mins. Around 4 mph I believe

Shake 5 (8 pm)
half banana half chocolate
Nut butter!

Food sounds good… better than the shakes…, but not enough to cheat. Not counting days to the end of the diet. Just til HSMs.
Only 6 more! :wink:

Would it be terrible to drop to 1 TBSP of flax per shake that asks for it though? It makes the end of the shake intolerable for me.

Wont be this detailed from here on out. Just wanted to put it all out there the first day

Day 2 –
Woke up about 530 and couldn’t go back to sleep. My eyes felt tired, but my body had energy.
Did NEPA for about 40 mins at 4.5 mph average this morning.
Was trying to put off my shake til 8 am, but gonna shake it up now at 730.

Feeling a bit sore in my chest and shoulders. Loving it.

Gotta grocery shop tonight… yikes!

Keep up the detail of you can! Get measurements ASAP. Can’t wait to start my second one!

Need a tape!!
– so far so good on day 2

just typed a long update… not seeing it.

Basically, things are good still.

Took HOT-ROX before my NEPA this morning with just water…
I am too sensitive to it… It cut my speed down to 2 mph… only got 1.5 miles in with a 30 min walk.
Came home sick, drank a little over half my breakfast shake and threw up… Feeling a bit better right now… lunch shake in 30, hoping it, along with my multi and flame out makes me feel better.

Not taking the 2nd HOT-ROX today, will start it tomorrow again and go back to taking right right before my shake.

Woke up craving a large handtossed pepperoni w extra cheese and light sauce from pizza hut this morning. Lol. The good news is, no food here looks appealing. Bad news… well there isn’t any. Its just going to be my fantasy :wink:

Moved HSM to Saturday dinner due to scheduling.
That means less than 4 days til some salmon or shrimp… or both?! Or both with chicken? haha I know Ill be full so fast, it wont even matter, but today everything sounds good.

Didn’t get my heavier weights or my measuring tape yet so my measurements wont be from the start, and my workout will stay w 2 25 lb weights today. All good though Ill just push harder through it.

May do a 2nd NEPA if I get the chance this evening.

Didn’t have to grocery shop because I am loved.

side note :My mom was all “just chew what you crave and spit it out!” …

she got a big hell no in response

Since you only have light weight available to u, work on focusing through the contraction, in full form, put your mind in your muscle per say, and squeeze through the whole movement.

Will do.

Getting my workout in later than expected so took my 3rd shake just now. Almost finished it… Little left.
Going to do the work out, then take Surge, followed by Flameout.

so workout called for light weights this time. Worked out perfect. ~~

posted twice yesterday, didn’t show up… not sure why .
Yesterday went well, though the temptation to cheat with ridiculous things was strong. (mustard… 0 cals! lol! )

Still going strong. Ready for the workout this after noon and NEPA this evening. Kids got here when I would like to do my walk. Too many to take on a fast pace walk today.

Finally got a measuring tape…I realize Ive probably lost some inches already but stats are below.

Neck: 12 in .
Left bicep: 11.5 in.
Right bicep: 11.5 in.
Chest: 36 in (w bra on)
Waist: 29 in.
Hips:little less than 38.5 in
Left Upper Thigh (biggest spot of thigh): 22 in.
Right Upper Thigh ^^^^^^^: 22 in.
Left Mid Thigh: 20.5
Right Mid Thigh: 20.5
Left Calf: 13.5 in
Right Calf: 13.5 in

Im going off memory on what to measure??

Started the HOT-ROX again today… didn’t do yesterday as I wasn’t feeling quite up for it.

I get a meal tomorrow! … wondering if I shouldn’t put it off til Sunday though… so next week doesn’t seem super long…

great job! keep it up!

NEPA was out of the norm, but went well…
day 5 is officially done.
Workout was great today, other than my jacked up hip. I am not old enough for that…

Weigh in may happen tomorrow… trying to give it a full week though .

sleep may be a good idea about now… not interested

Day 7, yall! Going Strong. 3 weeks left!

Had a pic of the HSM from yesterday but of course my phone broke the same day…

It was grilled salmon with lemon, Shrimp kabobs with onion, tomato, and zucchini? , and asparagus.

As a dessert it was frozen blackberries with whipped topping


I will say after the meal yesterday, the temptation to chew is much greater. Also, I expected to get full fast from the HSM but I didnt. Just hungrier today.
NEPA yesterday was dancing

V.C. happening tonight.

Challenge done. 22 minutes.

Thinking of staying with beginner on the weight training and going up to intermediate on the challenge?
It was good, and Im sweating but faster than I feel it should have been

Didn’t eat all my shakes yesterday for lack of time. Staying strong on the diet though. NEPA this evening. Workout this afternoon.

Going off of 3 hrs sleep from last night. I know sleep is important, and Im not excited about the lack of it.

Doing the official week weigh in today… I have weighed twice… but not calling it fact til I weigh this morning

weigh in : -8 lbs (22 to goal weight. no I don’t expect to lose that much in 3 wks)

Work out done. I did 60 squats instead of 40 to make up for the weight

otherwise, went great. worked out late so taking HOT-ROX and Flameout with the Surge

You’re doing great! Keep on posting! Maybe some other schmucks on here will give some feedback???

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