V-Diet Day 8 with No Weight Drop


I am on Day 8 and my weight has dropped only 2 pounds. Starting weight was 226 and now 224. I followed the program to the T. Do you recommend any adjustment to my shakes/training?

First, keep in mind that many believe you can only lose a pound of fat per week, but I do think you can lose more than that. Also, remember that the V-Diet prevents muscle loss and many people build muscle on the program, so that throws off simple scale weight. Lose two pounds of fat and gain two pounds of muscle and the scale shows nothing, but you’ll look different.

Are you taking the tape measurements outlined in the V-Diet plan? The tape will tell the real story. Scale weight can be all over the place.

All that said, you can make minor adjustments to the plan. For example, drop one scoop of Metabolic Drive from the daily intake. This will drop your calories a little, but not enough to risk muscle loss or metabolism slowdown.

To give an example of tape measurements vs. scale weight, my second week on V-Diet I only lost 2 pounds but lost more inches total than the first week when I lost 7 pounds. Def take measurements!

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