V-Diet Day 4

Figured I’d better start my own thread here, since writing stuff down helps keep me accountable.

Today has been the best so far. I’s say yesterday was my low point since I was so hungry it hurt, however, no hunger pains today.

I’m starting out at 129lbs, but need to get my body fat down in preparation for my competition on April 25th. Watch out for me at the OCB Pride of the Atlantic in Richmond! The V-Diet is a great lead into my pre-contest phase. I started at week 20 by just cleaning up my diet and following my Precision Nutrition system and now plan to use the V-Diet through to week 12, when I’ll get back to regular but clean eating again. I employed this same tactic last year and came in at 12% b/f for my May figure show.

However, this year I’m tranisioning to light weight body building, so needed to build more muscle the past few months and have therefore gained some unwanted body fat.

I did my full body workout at 7.00 this morning and completed my walk at 11.30. Currently having my vanilla/orange metamucil shake mixed with Biotest Superfood. Very yummy.

I’m in on this one…thanks for the posts within my thread! I will be trying your recipes to get me through it…I hope a personal item in my life does not de-rail me but I will try to stay focused.



Don’t know about anyone else but its 25 degrees in PA right now and these icy shakes are chilling me to the bone. Just mixed some coconut extract with my banana shake. I bake as a hobby so am able to get pretty creative with flavours.

Baking extracts are better than flavoured syrups due to no calories and no sweeteners and there are so many available. Next one on my list is pineapple so when mixed with banana protein and some cocnut extract will make a fine pina colada!

that pina colada sounds pretty good! 25 degrees? I’d die. It was like 55 this morning here in Orlando, FL, and I was pretty dang cold in a long sleeve dress shirt.

have you tried the hot chocolate that chris mentioned in the main thread? Sounds like that may be pretty good if you’re cold all day. it’s supposed to be mid-70s here tomorrow. woot! hope it warms up there soon.

Cheers! I’ll check out the hot chocolate. We are expecting 4 ins tonight so it will be jolly chilly! Florida sounds so good right now! I just had my last shake and pb. Gosh, how good is that pb! I’m just pleased to have made it through day 4 and can hardly wait for my tilapia butty tomorrow! Till then and thanks for dropping in. Stay strong.

day 4…you are almost over the hump! i was really tired/foggy/headachey from day 3 to day 5 or 6…but now i feel great! i am so excited to watch your progress…and i wish you all the best in the competition!

Did you get groggy as DarthCricket described Brit?

Up early to find snow on the ground. Will definately be checking out that hot choc recipie! DC and FF, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I did feel tired and run down - like during the full body detox, I do a couple of times a year, except the detox doesn’t deprive you of solid nutritious veggies! As a nutritionist I know the symptoms are the norm. For 28 days, this diet is fine. Its basically a ketogenic diet which uses shakes to stop you second guessing. I’d say day day 3 was the worst for me. I was so hungry it hurt!

If I had any words of wisdom, if say follow Chris’s advice on the the BCAAs before bed and as soon as you wake up, if you’re worried about muscle loss, as I am. I also believe in putting something in your mouth as soon as you get up to get your body out of that overnight fast and avoid muscle loss.I am up at 5 so to avoid using up my meals by 4 in the afternoon I split up my 2 scoop breakfast shake and have 1 scoop with my BCAAs as soon as I get up. I have the other scoop with the flax around 7.00 am. Mix it thick with ice and you’ll not feel deprived. I also purchased the Superfood which I love and psychologically at least makes me feel like I’m getting my veggies!

Good luck today guys. Be strong this weekend. Helen

25 degrees, I wish! It was under 15 here in Ontario, Canada the other day!

Day 3 was probably my toughest day also Helen. I managed to get through it and am now on Day 6. I had my first real meal last night and I’m feeling pretty re-charged and ready to go. It’ll be a tough 3 weeks, but I’m looking forward to the results that lie ahead.

Keep it up!

Thanks Bruce! Okay, you are officially colder than me!

Tell me about your meal. Did you feel full? I was going to have mine today. We had planned a trip to the local farm show where there is a healthy vendor who does a Cajun tilapia sandwich to die for. However, we are not as well equipped as you guys to deal with snow. One inch and everything comes to a grinding halt! Bruce, have you weighed in yet? I’m waiting til Monday. I look forward to seeing your first week results. Have a great weekend and stay warm! I’m off to the gym to do a walk. The roads have not been salted yet so I don’t want to risk landing on my arse!

I posted an update in my thread, but essentially I had a steak, asparagus, house salad and some mushrooms. I was pretty full by the end of it, but I also took my time to eat everything as I’m normally a pretty quick eater.

I’m off for my walk this morning in beautiful 18 degree, snowy weather. My Chocolate Lab loves it, so we usually have a nice time despite the cold.

Enjoy your meal today!

Keep us updated, thebrit! I’m always interested in hearing feedback from competitors.

BTW, the V-Diet isn’t a keto plan. Carbs are lower than a normal diet, but hopefully the dieter doesn’t go keto. Just no need for it.

And if you’re worried about veggies, you may add Superfood to one shake per day (I prefer mornings):

Looking forward to your “after” pics!

No tilapia burger at the farm show. The vendor wasn’t there! I am well gutted over this, especially as I had walked around the hour before smelling rosted pretzels and kettle corn (in between whiffs of pig pooh!) So I’ve decided to have my meal on Monday for lunch after my lifting. I will have the hubby take some day 6 pics tomorrow and post them. Later. Helen

Well, I made it to day 6. I think day 5 was the hardest day by far. I felt great in the morn, did my walk, spent the day at a farm show, stayed on track with my shakes, etc. By the time we got home I felt sick and had no energy. I had to choke down my 5.00 PM shake! By the time it got to the last shake of the day I was so sick of putting sweet stuff in my mouth that I just couldn’t do it. My husband had to cajole me into a scoop of vanillla and my pb but it was tough.

I don’t have a sweet tooth, never have and this is the hardest aspect of this diet for me. Can’t Biotest develop some soup like hot protein drinks with all the right nutrients? Come on, it could be the next big thing. Do supplement companies think we’re such a nation of sugar junkies that all protein supps have to be dessert related?

Okay, rant over! Just had a cappucino smoothie for breakfast. Added instant coffee to the blender. Pretty good as far as shakes go.bitterness of the coffee dulls the sweetness.

Just my last thought;one of of the goals of the V-Diet is to help folks overcome their sweet cravings, right? I swear, after another 22 days on these sweet shakes, I shall be forever cured!

Well, I made it through the weekend. I had my solid meal yesterday lunchtime. Steamed broccoli small baked sweet potatoe and 99% lean ground turkey with some garlic and chipoltle seasonings added. Never did such plain food taste so good. I feel rejeuvenated and ready for the next 7 days. Weigh in is tomorrow. I’ll post before and new stats along with some pics.

Just had my workout and felt strong although slight loss of strength on my d/b incline bench press. Only 5lbs so not too worried. Off to work now! Good luck this week everyone.

Hi Helen…decided to stop in again and see that we are all going through the same issues which means we are all on target…funny right? I have the same feelings as you…I don’t have a sweet tooth so this is painful as far as the shakes go! I will hate them forever afterwards! I am looking forward to seeing your progress (pics/numbers) as you are already in shape and going for the competative edge…that will drive me more.

BTW, I tried the coffee/cinnamon mixture with the vanilla and it was really good!!! I was amazed but the coffee grinds helped with the nasty sweetness.

keep going…those hunger pangs are evil in the afternoon!


Just turning in at the end of day 7. Peanut butter never tasted so good! It was the best day today by far. Headaches gone and no longer have hunger pains. For all those of you just starting out it does get better. Until tomorrow. Helen

Hi Helen,

Thanks so much for all of the details regarding how you feel as the days go on :slight_smile:

I do have to say that I’m convinced that I have the world’s largest sweet tooth, so I’m actually looking forward to the month of shakes! I hope that by the end I will be so tired of the sweetness that I don’t crave sugar any more as bmw suggested . . . that would be AWESOME!

Keep up the great work - I can’t wait to see your 1 week results!


Good work Helen, keep it up!

Good work finishing the first week. Do you have before and after pics ready?

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