V-Diet Day 3

Hello Everyone!

I am fairly new to this website and thus the discussion boards. I thought this would be a good place to document my journey on the V-Diet.

A little background info…it all started when i was a scrawny punk kid, ya know the ripe age of 4, to skinny to be able to do much of any thing. I quickly grew up into a high school athlete playing football and baseball. Obtaining a D1 scholarship was a goal i put my mind to that quickly became reality. I played 5 years at a PAC-12 school that ended with several knee surgeries, but over all a decent career.

I got married and entered the cruel workforce of sitting for 8-10 hours. The work life has been my focus whilst my weight increased to more than my playing weight. Luckily i found this website that told me to shut the hell up and put the fork down, so here i am. I have increased my training capacity, strength, and muscle mass, but i don’t need to be 315.

I am tired of my damn dress shirts tearing at the elbow and replacing my wardrobe because my fat ass won’t eat right. I have hired/fired “nutritionists” that only made me gain weight because they took on too many clients to pay attention to the numbers in front of them. My trust with these fools is at an all time low, so i’m doing it my way this time.

The past few months has been good in the eating department, but my weight has been steady. Thats when i talked with my wife about this plan and she jumped all over it. So here i am, just another keyboard jockey trying to lose weight. Here’s to nothing!

Hello Everyone! I just finished my workout and still need to eat my regular 700 calorie meal, then my last shake. I got behind in my workouts this week, so today was the second workout. I plan on doing the third workout Saturday, then the V-Challenge on Sunday. Today’s workout was a little different because it was my first experience using Plazma. I’m hoping to not be sore tomorrow, but i could feel a huge difference compared to using Surge Pre-Workout. My numbers from day 2 and day 1 workout are below. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.

Day 1:
Front Squat: 225-6,225-5,225-6,225-3
Chin-Up: BW-6,BW-6,BW-6,BW-2
DB Bench: 100-6,105-6,115-5,115-4
AB-Wheel: BW-20, BW-20

Day 2:
Reverse Lunge: 65-8,65-8,65-8,65-7,65-5,65-4
Bent-Over Row: 205-8, 205-9,205-7,185-5,185-7,185-4 (Had to drop the weight because my hand was giving out)
Push Press: 155-8,185-8,185-8,185-6,185-5,185-5
Barbell Curl: 95-8,95-8,95-9,95-8,95-7
Reverse Crunch: 45-10,45-10,45-10,45-10

During lunch i completed 30 minutes of NEPA and after my workout another 15 minutes. I’m pretty excited for my HSM and have been really looking forward to that meal every day. Until tomorrow, Adios Folks!

Day 6 is almost in the books! I’m waiting for my salmon and potatoes medley to finish up on the grill. My wife and I went on an hour or so walk with the pup in this unusually dry weather in the Pacific North West. Well I’ll stop rambling, below you can see my workout. I did struggle with the chin-ups so I couldn’t finish the amount I was supposed to. To finish my reps I switched over to the lat pull down machine, which seemed to do the trick.

Rest was 45 seconds
Dead Lift: 255-9, 255-8, 255-8, 255-8, 255-7
Incline DB Bench: 85-8, 85-8, 85-7, 85-7, 85-5, 85-5
Chin-Up: BW-10, BW-9, BW-7, 185-7, 185-7
Toe Hand Walk: 10x4

Until tomorrow…

Hey everyone! I’m a day behind with posting but I was able to stay on track. My Sunday went well but I did not do the V Challenege due to being so sore from Friday and Saturdays lifts. I decided to listen to my body instead. I did have a great NEPA Sunday afternoon by coaching a couple linemen for two hours at a football camp. My HSM was a Wok from my wife and I favorite grocery store, New Seasons. It’s similar to Whole Foods, but local to this area and is right down the street from us. I was craving Thai food, so we figured a ton of veggies with chicken and their sweet spicy Thai sauce wouldn’t be too bad. It helped my craving and has kept me on track with my drinks for Monday.

Monday was another great day. It’s hard to complain when it’s so sunny out and not raining for it being March. We went on a 45 minute walk after our workout with the dog, but man we were dragging from that workout! Here are my stats for Monday’s workout.

Rest 25 seconds

Front Squat: 255-5/255-5/255-4/255-4/255-2
Chin Up: BW-5-5-4-3-3
DB Bench: 105-5/105-5/105-5/105-5
BW Roll Out: 20 straight reps…anyway to make this harder or should I do more reps?

For you readers of my posts I hope you can answer this question. Has anyone added loaded carries to the program on either a non-lift day or after their workout? I love loaded carries but am really trying to stay true to this plan. I still have gas in my tank after my workouts, so that’s why I was wanting to add those in or maybe this is the Plazma talking? Either way it’d be great to hear from you guys on this.

I did have my weigh in today and I’m down 7 pounds to 300. My pictures say I was 315, but I started the program at 307. The two aren’t very far off in a body weight sense so I’m not too worried about that. I am happy with my 7 pound loss and have room to play with my HSM calories if that need arises.

I’m going to log my NEPA later tonight after my math test. Have a good day everyone!

What a busy week! I am a few days behind on my logs, but I am on track with the Vdiet. Below are my weights from the week and HSM

Wednesday 40 second rest
reverse lunge:65-8/65-8/65-7/65-6/65-6/65-6
Bent over row: 185-8/185-7/185-7/185-6/185-7/185-5
Push-Press: 155-8/155-8/155-6/155-6/155-6/155-4
Barbell Curl: 95-8/95-8/95-7/95-6/95-6/95-5
Reverse Crunch: 15,12,10,10

40 second rest
Stupid gym manager came over and yelled at me for dropping my deadlift a few times. I had to school her technique and I’d rather make a little noise if my form is off then potentially hurt my self. Stupid people.

Dead lift: 255-8/255-8/255-6/255-4/255-8/255-8
DB Incline Press: 85-8/85-8/85-8/85-6/85-6/85-5
Wide Lat Pull Down: 185-8/185-8/185-8/185-7/185-6/185-3
Hand Walk Out: 8x5

My HSM were awesome this week. We had salmon, chicken meatballs, tomato and mix salads for dinner. We are going to try and make one of those pizzas from Chris recipe tonight or tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to that! Today will be the Vdiet challenge (or tomorrow). Talk to you all soon!

Hi Everyone! It’s been a few days since I last posted, but I’m still on track! My workouts have been pretty good, but the one thing I seem to keep missing is the VChallenge. I’m finally hoping to do complete one this Saturday. My body has been so tired, so when it comes to the weekend to get that done I have failed. One thing that has not failed has been my weight loss. I’m now at 290 down from 312 when I started. I have lost 5 inches off my chest. I measured my waist, but forgot that number. I know it’s significant because all of my clothes are baggy that were skin tight and uncomfortable.

Some of my lifts have increased since my last post including my front squat going from 255 to 275 and hitting every rep of 5 on my Monday workouts. My DB bench press is now at 110, incline db at 85, push press at 185, deadlift at 265 no straps, and body weight pull-ups for 5-6 reps on Mondays.

Today’s workout consists of push press, bent over row, reverse lunge, barbell curl, and reverse crunch. I’m not going to be able to do the reverse lunge because my knee has been really bothering me. I’m going to substitute leg extensions for that fun exercise in hopes of getting my quad to fire correctly to protect my knee. I hope everyone else is having great success at this! I really enjoy reading everyone else’s posts.

Below is a few pictures of my HSM over the past week or so. We even tried Chris’s pizza and it was great! We did the caulifower crust with BBQ pulled pork and tons of veggies. It really tasted just like pizza and fixed my craving for a little while.

Last nights halibut and portobellos stuffed with caprisi salad.

Ahi tuna lettuce wraps, portobello stuffed with caprisi and extra steak. I also made mango salsa to go on top of the lettuce wraps. I loved this dinner.

Here is the ahi tuna steaks we had that later turned to lettuce wraps. And of course I have portobellos and mango salsa

This is the delicious caulifower pizza we made with BBQ pulled pork and lots of veggies. I have an obsession with BBQ and enjoy competing in competitions, so this some pulled pork from one of my practice runs.

Keep up the good work and that food looks great!!

Thanks, scoots! I’ll be sure to put some more HSM pictures in here.

Hello again! Today was a great day! I had all of my shakes except for the one I need to have later tonight. Today was my last weight workout of this 28 day process. I have learned a lot through this and will be writing a more complete review after Sunday, since that’s the last day.

I was able to hit all of my weights with the rest time being short, but it was extremely difficult. I did 255 on dead lift, which actually made my quads burn! I haven’t actually experienced that before on dead lift, so a change was welcome. I did 85 on db incline bench, and 185 on lay pull down. I’m excited to start the transition phase next week but I have a lot of planning to do. These shakes have been so simple, but now I’ll actually have to think about making things outside of the shakes. I’m actually not really sure of how my calories I should be having for the next phase, so if you’re familiar with this please give me some advice! I was thinking of starting out at 1800 and slowly increasing to 2400 cal. This would be 10 cal/lb of my goal weight. I think this would be appropriate, but again if you have more experience with this please let me know!

Saturday will be my V Challenge and maybe some loaded carries if I feel like it. Check out my wife and is dinner below! We had breakfast for dinner. I really wanted a breakfast pizza, but she wasn’t having it. Oh well enjoy!

Our breakfast for dinner.

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