V-Diet Day 1

So, I decided to finally try the V-Diet. With my wedding nearly a month away I needed a booster to help me accomplish the slimming goal. I am an avid lifter and made the mistake of dirty bulking back in February. I put on too much fat along with size. Time to get rid of these poor eating habits that may work for some lifters.

Being an endomorph and part mesomorph it has always been tough to shed gained weight. My goal was reached at 200 lbs and I became my heaviest I’ve ever been at 205 about 30% bf (not official). I am starting this at 200lb’s with a goal of 10lb loss minimum. Overall goal is to make it back to 185 but leaned out and no loss of muscle mass.

As a plant-based diet one may think this is easy. But on a plant-based diet and V-Diet I have expectations that this will be a success where other plans have failed. I will be logging my month progress here weekly.

Workout 1:
Warmup- mobility,
Part 1:
7 rounds- Sumo high pull 10 @ 115lb
Toes to bar 10
Part 2: 4x20 front raises @ 35lb
1x10 overhead press @ 180 lb
1x10 around the world @ 30lb
2x20 hammer curls @65lb each

Workout 1:
Warmup- mobility,
Part 1:
7 rounds- Sumo high pull 10 @ 115lb
Toes to bar 10
Part 2: 4x20 front raises @ 35lb
1x10 overhead press @ 180 lb
1x10 around the world @ 30lb
2x20 hammer curls @65lb each

Good luck on your V-Diet and congratulations on your upcoming wedding. It looks like we both started the V-Diet on the same day. See you at the finish line.

Thanks! day one was rough. I have actually seen HUGE changes. I am nearly losing all the love handles I couldn’t stand to see. My bloated gut is lowering which is a good sign too. My Fiancee has been on it with me and has already lost 4 lbs which is legit!

At Day 5 I have lost 5 lbs fluctuated between 7 until I eat.

My strength hasn’t been lost and some definition is actually coming back. Moobs are tightening and getting less boob-like… All after only 5 days I can’t wait to see what’s next!

After day 1 I had massive detox headache and cravings were outrageous so I had to sneak some spoonfulls of peanut butter before bed to get through it.


Day2- DL work up to 405 x 3
Lateral raises x 10
Front rack press 3x10 @ 115

Day3- Leg work / mobility (thank god for Plazma!!)
Front squat 5x3 @ 265
Front squat 1x1 @300
Leg press 5x3 @ 515
Tri pull downs and curls 3x5 w/ 3 sec pause @ 150

Day 4- Restday

Day 5- Mobility
30 thrusters for time @ 115
Light walking/ Medium jog 5 mins
part 2: (second half of plazma)
30 alternate db snatches @ 80lb
30 air squats
part 3:
db rows @ 110 3 x 5 decrease weight each set

Woke up today at 189 with 29%bf (scale isn’t always accurate) but that’s progress right there if I’ve ever seen it!
In less than a week down 4.3%bf and down 13 lbs… Holy cow this thing works!
To top it off my thighs are bulging and triceps are back to defined.

I’m incredibly stoked to see what’s to come!

Keep up the great work!

And yes, if your body fat tester is one of the electronic scales, those can be very inaccurate (and de-motivating!) Tape measurements are best, and of course pics. Be sure to keep taking the photos. That’ll really show you the progress.

Thank you. I had a mini cheat meal this weekend and shows (feel a tad bloated) but did continue to lose two pounds!

Half way through week 2 and down 16 lbs. Weighed in just at the cusp of 189! Been adding powder pb to two shakes a day for flavor and extra 2g of protein

AMRAP 7: 20 hang cleans @110
45lb dumb bell step ups
Part two dumb bell rows @110
Split jerk work 2 hours later

Hello! So stoked to post these numbers today on one week of measuring. I didn’t measure everything most do I only measured areas I wanted to see change.
Start: chest - 38/pushing 39in

Week 2:
Bicep-15/nearly 16

As you can see I’ve lost nearly 5inches overall and gained 3-4 inches in size!!!
How in the world this is possible I don’t get other than saying IT WORKS!
Stoked to finish out week 2. I could see more loss but I’ve taken advice read and not focused on cardio because my goals not to lose mass or strength. If anything strength increased. I can hold the bar longer and recover faster than I’ve ever seen.
I have remained taking creatine every other day as I was previously. I’ve allowed every 3 days to have a small cheat like a donut or 1 peanut butter cup to keep sanity.

Overall this is insane I can’t say enough how excited I am… Mostly to eat pizza again but astonished by the gains I’ve had in such a short time.
Weighed in this morning at 188. That’s now 17 lbs down! New goal is 185 by next week.

Workout:(for time)
185 DL 30 reps
200 m run
95 OHS 30 reps

Finish working on 5 cleans and 5 snatches various weight heavy to light.

Haven’t had a chance to update. Small update since last post because working on final touches of a wedding I’ve been too busy.
Weighed in this morning at 187! 2 more lbs toward the goal. Cheated with a few slices of pizza cause my lazy butt didn’t want to cook which unfortunately I saw the effects of.

My cardio has actually improved even though doing light cardio and lifting weights at a high speed I can see an improvement in my capacity which is great! My plaza has run out but I had a similar product left over for quick carbs and it is doing fine.

Shooting for that 185 now

Thought I would do a photo update. Not a huge change from last time but the weight has changed and ribs are appearing as well as small amount of upper abs.

Weighed in at 186.5!!
This is huge!!!

Wanted to give you an update as i’m wrapping up the final days of the V-diet:

I’m absolutely blown away as stated previously of how well this worked. Challenging at times and 1-2 cheats over the last few weeks but nothing major enough to throw off any progress. I started with a scale weight of 205 lbs. Meassurments as follows:
weight- 205lbs
Chest - 38/pushing 39in

Final week- Chest 43
Bicep-14.2 in
Belly 39/40
Thighs- HUGE
Weight-174.4 lbs

So over the course of this I’ve lost 31 lbs total and several inches. I doubled two protein shakes to attempt to reach 185 and stay there at a healthy weight and mass.
I can’t thank you enough for this incredible challenge and experience. I will highly be considering cycling this in the future. The diet has taught me to keep cleaner food around and get away from dirty bulking. To be able to put on size with what many consider a “starving diet” sounded crazy but numbers don’t lie. Although I don’t show a rippling 6 pack again I am more solid and more defined than I have been in years.

You are simply crushing it. Excellent work. I have a question about your strength and muscle gains. Were you stronger and more muscular in the past used the V-Diet to shed fat while recovering previous levels of muscle, or are these all new gains. Either way you have had really phenomenal changes in such a short time.

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