V-Diet Day 1

Ok, overview - Diet: Shakes are great, mild hunger today, but mostly just tired. Thankfully my HOT-ROX came in today so I will incorporate those tomorrow.

Workout: For some reason I did Monday’s heavy workout today. Bomb! I attempted to do the Front Squat, but unfortunately my gym only has the Smith Machine - so doing the Front Squat on the smith machine is ridiculous and put a lot of pressure on my lower back. So I had to do regular box squats. I did go medium on these 70lbs 20 reps - but I did go deep.

Surge Recovery is super sweet - so I sipped it while working out and finished it off during my 30 mins brisk walk post lift.

Now, Since Friday’s Interm workout has some of the workouts I did tonight, so I’m not sure if I should skip tomorrow and do the V-burn this weekend and start fresh on Monday? Your thoughts?

Day 1 down…27 more to do :slight_smile: Woo Hoo!

Many people sip their Surge Recovery during training. Actually, I think it works better that way, so that’s perfectly fine.

Either way you want to plan your workout is fine. To keep the schedule consistent, I’d do the Friday workout, then stick to that schedule (Mon/Wed/Fri) the rest of the way through, unless you prefer Tue/Thurs/Sat thing?

Ok, Thanks!

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