V-Diet Day 0: Female 5' 0"


My fiance’ did the original V-Diet over 5 years ago and he lost 20lbs in that month. He’s kept it off for the next 5 years and has consistently been at about 4% body fat. He’s my inspiration and I know me being fit and healthy is an important factor for him. For me, I want to be healthy and fit because I never want to be his burdern as we get older.

Over the lasts half a year I’ve gained 2" on my waist from stress eating and drinking. I’m planning my wedding, studying for the MCAT, and working full-time. My wedding is in one month I want to lean back down to my original size when I bought the dress but I also want to use the V-diet as a catalyst to start a heathy lifestyle like my fiance’ did.

I look skinny in clothes and I wear a size 0 so I don’t get any sort of support from other people. For me this is about my heath and the life I am going to have with my fiance’. I can see five years down the road and if I continue the stress eating and drinking, I am going to be a small round ball with heart disease.

Starting stat:

Height: 5’ 0"
Weight: 104
Neck: 12"
Shoulders around back to edge of underarm 26"
Chest: 30"
Waist: 27.5"
Hips 31.5"
Upper Arm: 10"
Upper Leg: 19"
Calf: 12.5"

Wish me luck!


Good luck and the VDiet will help you get rid of bad eating and drinking habits! It worked for me :slight_smile: