V-Diet + Dan John's 40 Day Program...Opinions?


I know the V-Diet has a recommended workout program, but I recently came across Dan John’s 40 day program. Basically, you pick 5 exercises that you do everyday. He specifically mentions that it works well with the V-Diet. I’m planning on starting the V-Diet soon, and I have some muscle imbalances that I would like to fix (weak squat and overhead press); I was thinking that the 40 day program would be perfect. But, I don’t want to fuck anything up, so I’m a little apprehensive about doing a different exercise routine than the one designed for the V-Diet…

So, what’s the consensus on Dan John’s recommendation of combining the 40 day program with the V-Diet? Anyone have any good or bad results with it while V-Dieting?


For best results, to the V-Diet workout.

And here’s the thing: You need Surge after weight training on the V-Diet. The V-Diet package gives you what you need if following the V-Diet workout (3 weight training sessions per week). Do Dan’s plan and you need to more than double your Surge, which in turn adds over 1000 calories per week and hundreds of extra carbs to a diet that’s supposed to be reduced carb.

So, to me, you’re about to throw a monkey wrench into a plan that’s proven to be very successful without messing with it.


Yeah, I hadn’t quite figured out how I was going to handle the PWO Surge. I suppose I’ll just postpone fixing those muscle imbalances until I’m 20 pounds lighter. Thanks for the advice.