V-Diet Cycles?

I fail at searching these forums or the forum search fails, I haven’t played with it enough to know either way.

I know the V-Diet is supposed to be 28 days on, 14 day transition, and then normal healthy food. Is there any information on cycling it back in after being on healthy food for a while? For example, I do a V-Diet and strict transition period (28 + 14 = 42 days on), then do 42 days of eating HSMs except post-workout. Would it be okay to switch back on to a full V-Diet?

I ask because I have a significant amount of weight to lose, and my current train of thought has been to use the V-Diet as a finishing move in my weight loss fight since it seems to be the ultimate in hitting the next level (i.e. Chris’s original use during development). However, if one can do it multiple times, albeit with a substantial time chunk on HSMs in between, it’d be more like a super move to bust out for plateaus.

You can do consecutive cycles…with a break in between.

Coach Shugart does recommend the V-Diet Lite, too.

If you use the Search function on V-Diet Lite, you’ll come up with a handful of results.

Good luck!

Thanks. I fail at search.

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