V-Diet Crazy :(

So i’m on my 3rd day of V-diet :frowning:
I did a modified V-Diet a few years ago in 2008 stretched it out over 12 weeks, mostly shakes but 1 real meal a day i f i felt like it. Salad and protein. I lost 40 lbs back then. But sadly over the years they came almost all back again. So it is time again to do something.

Last time because of the remote Canadian location I just bought shakes locally in whatever brand I could find and that kind of had similar compositions then Biotest shakes.
Now this time i figures i go all the way and do it as asked in the book with Biotest products. So i let the handy dandy computer thingy ma ding order everything I need to complete this.
Everything arrived and Monday the 13th was my start date. Now on day 3 i’m almost ready to throw in the towel already because those Biotest shakes are taste wise just the worst shakes I ever had and I’ve been on and off shakes for the past 30 years. I literately have to force my self to drink these things down. You would think after so many years of producing sports supplements they would have figured out how to make a good tasting shake.

Well of course it does not help to live in a household with 6 kids and everybody just keeps eating and cooking as before.
I started on Monday at 234lbs I’m 6.1’ we’ll see where the 28 days will get me, if i last that long.
Now i think I have to go and make my supper shake, and then try not to throw up.
Measurements in cm’s :slight_smile:

Height 185
Weight 234
Neck 43
Shoulders 132
Chest - Upper 121
Chest - Lower 116
Waist - at Navel 114
Waist - at largest 115
Hips - at largest 115
Upper Arm - L 39
Upper Arm - R 38.5
Upper Leg - L 61
Upper Leg - R 61
Lower Leg - L 45
Lower Leg - R 45.5
Ankle - L 26
Ankle - R 26

Hi swinada - I’m having the same issue with the shakes that you are! I’ve found that mixing a scoop of chocolate with one scoop of vanilla helps a bit. I also have a couple of thoughts for making them taste better - I’ll keep you posted if any of them work.

I can’t really tolerate any protein shake so I just hold my nose, chug, and rinse with water, black coffee, or green tea…works like a charm. My opinion is that the Biotest ones are the best of the worst - taste wise. Ingredient wise - they are by far some of the best on the market, and I wouldn’t even consider trying the vdiet with a different brand. I drink the Banana exclusively as it seems to leave the least and most pleasant aftertaste. (oddly, I’m not a big banana flavor fan when it comes to food) Otherwise just suck it up, buttercup…it’s only 28 days. G’luck.

Thanks for the encouragement. As for flavors : the only ones available when i ordered was Chocolate and Vanilla so i’m stuck with those.
28 days is a long time when your house always smells like food and the fridge is full of good things. :slight_smile:
And yes please keep me posted on any flavor improvements.

I’m the same as you - there was only chocolate and vanilla MD in stock when I ordered, so I’m stuck with what I’ve got. I started adding the juice from half a lime to the water for each shake and I find it’s making a difference in cutting the sweetness down. I also find that blending the two scoop shakes with ice makes it easier (for me at least) to get them down. I think it might be the cold that helps for me. I’m also going to try making my mid afternoon shake with mind herbal tea instead of water - hoping that will help with the flavour! Hope that helps :slight_smile:

When i started the V-Diet all flavours were available but i ordered it all in chocolate thinking it would be easy.
Turned out i couldn’t stand it very quick, and i quickly ordered different flavours. My favorite turned up to be the banana one.
I am done with V-Diet for 2 months, and i drink shakes almost daily still, chocolate is what i have got left, and i will finish them.

For me, blending with ice, or at last, drinking it once it is almost frozen (read it as left in freezer , when it gets super cold), is the only way to drink it.
Or, i take an espresso coffee or deca, and mix it with the shake. Then it tastes mostly coffee with a background of chocolate.
It might not be the best taste, but go through it, or order a few different flavours to alternate.

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