V-Diet Considerations: Will This Work For Me?

So I have been reading the T-Nation Articles for a while, and finally stumbled upon the Velocity Diet Forums. I tend to ignore forums, but being written by Shugart I felt they would have some consistency behind them.

The V-Diet sounds like a great plan, but I am having a difficult time figuring out a few of the steps.

  1. I am 5’5" and weigh in at 182 pounds. According to my doctor and his BMI chart I should weigh around 145 pounds to be “healthy”. Using this thinking I calculated myself on the V-Diet “I need to lose over 35 Pounds” calculator and came up with
    Off-Day: 1094.6 Calories per day
    Lifting Day: 1312.992 Calories Per Day

I am not an engineer or anything, but I am pretty sure that would cause me to die. I suppose my main question for number one is what is a reasonable amount of weight to lose for someone of my size. If you need more information tell me and I can post it.

  1. The supplementation is very easy to follow, but according to my aforementioned plan I would only be using one scoop per shake. Does this make any sense?

I have read the entire article posted by Shugart, so I just need a little help so that I can get myself started on this program. I would hate to enter a program with very limited knowledge, so if anyone has some spare time to answer my questions it would be much appreciated.

Just a couple thoughts off the top of my head…

I don’t put a lot of faith in the BMI because it doesn’t take into account a person with muscle mass. How much muscle do you have? Are you grossly overweight? What is your stomach measurement (at the widest point)?

You might be able to do the 30lbs or less version which would allow you 1368/1641 calories per day. That puts you in the range of 8 scoops of Metabolic Drive per day which is what I am doing right now. I have 5 shakes per day; 3 of them with 2 scoops and 2 of them with 1 scoop and it’s not too bad that way.

[quote]Lift Hard wrote:
I should weigh around 145 pounds[/quote]

I guess nearly all of the pro lifters need a diet then. Or a growth spurt.

Jesus fucking Christ.

No way should you rely on BMI. And for the most part, your Doctor won’t know shit about “ideal” weight and proper diets. Granted, if you suffer from some condition like diabetes, you’ll want to listen to him, but for the most part Doctors are clueless.

Not mine though.

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