V-Diet Completed!

Just wanted to say thanks for putting together an easy to follow program that provided great results. I have been training for about 11 years and typically follow a powerlifting training program and carry around 12% body fat.

I wanted something to shock my body and challenge me mentally as well. After just two weeks I was able to drop 10 lbs. and drop down to 8% body fat. What really surprised me was that I was able to keep all my strength and never felt fatigued in the gym.

I currently have keep almost all the weight off (except for two pounds) and continue to do my NEPA of two miles or 30 minutes of walking everyday which I believe really contributed to my fat loss. I now eat very clean and get a feeling of extreme guilt if I cheat on my diet. I would recommend this diet for anyone who is looking for a quick fix and has the will power to follow through.

Thanks again, cant wait to do another round!

Rockchalk jayhawk! muck Fizzou!!!

sorry i had to throw that one in there. your like a phantom showing up at the end of a V-Diet anomaly

Awesome job! Thanks for posting your results.

Also, don’t sweat gaining back a pound or two. That’s just a little muscle glycogen replenishment and natural water weight balancing. No worries.

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