V-Diet Complete

I did it. Day 28 is done. Lost 8 pounds and 2 1/2 inches off my waist. I won’t post pictures, so you will have to take my word for it.

As far as compliance, I was 95% in the eating department. I broke down and had some nuts with my shakes on about four occasions, feeling the need for a little more solid food than I was getting. I also shared some ice cream with my wife after an HSM. Other than that I was right on track.

Compliance in the workouts was probably around 90%, as my challenge was getting in all the NEPA walks. Sometimes I didn’t have the energy, sometimes not enough time. I completed all other workouts, though.

After about three days into the diet my body temperature dropped, and workouts were sluggish. Plazma definitely seemed to help, but if I didn’t start drinking it until the outset of training, I found it didn’t kick in until about half-an-hour in. (It’s important to start drinking it at least 15 minutes before your workout.) Week two saw my workout energy return, and it stayed there until the end.

Was I hungry? Yes, most of the time. Sometimes the hunger was just present; sometimes it was intense. Was it unbearable? No.

Am I pleased with the results? Absolutely. Maybe my results were not as dramatic as some, but this is the first significant fat loss I’ve experienced in many years. I’m going to have a physical exam next week, complete with lab work, and anticipate better numbers all around.

On my first day off the diet (yesterday), I found that only a little more solid food was enough to ward off hunger. My plan is to continue to stay off of milk, bread, sweets, and alcohol and simply eat more HSMs. I might have a beer in about a month.

When all is said and done, was it hard? Yes. Was it the most difficult thing I’ve done? Not by a long shot. It was only 28 days. It can be done.

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Awesome job!

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