V-Diet Complete


Hey, I started the V-Diet 28 days ago and just finished it up. Here’s my summary:

Weight and Measurements

Lost 13 pounds
Lost 1 in. off Neck
Lost 3.5 in. off Navel
Lost 2 in. off Torso/Mid-section
Lost 2 in. off Hips
Lost 1 in. off Thighs

Gained 1 in. on Shoulders

All other measurements stayed the same (chest, arms, calves, ankles).

Bench Press 1RM increased from 185 to 205
Squat 1RM increased from 285 to 330
Deadlift 1RM increased from 330 to 401

Some thoughts/feedback on the V-Diet:

  • Day 1 was easy … Day 8 was insanely hard (day after the first HSM). Be ready for it.

  • Make sure you get a nut butter with salt in it. I made the mistake of getting a nut butter without salt and the cravings by day 4 were INSANE.

  • I loved all the shakes except the ones that had Superfood and Flax Seed in them. I didn’t really care for the taste of the Superfood and the Flax Seed just added this grit to the shakes that I didn’t care for even when blended. If I could take my fiber in pill form, I would have enjoyed the morning and evening shakes much more.

  • Vanilla was my least favorite flavor. I would have killed for some citrus flavors. I resorted to a piece of citrus, sugar-free gum when I had the cravings.

  • Your sweat may smell like ammonia because of the low-carbs and abundance of amino-acids. Drinking more water will help.

  • Surge is ridiculously sweet. I feel like I would have preferred a lemon-lime, or orange flavor over raspberry. I didn’t think it tasted much like raspberry at all.

  • Fitting into a pair of shorts you haven’t been able to wear for 4 years is TOTALLY WORTH IT! Stick to the program and persevere! You can do it!


Congrats and great job! I’m starting my 3rd week today. Hope to be done in 2 weeks and then the transition phase!


Awesome summary, and I am totally with you on the salted nut butter, a must.

Just some thoughts on your shakes, should you do the V-Diet again:

I use pretty plain powder and sweeten it with Stevia or Truvia.
I put some sea salt in my shakes, helps bring out flavor.
I use tasteless fiber powder in shakes, provides some thickness and does not impact taste.
I use a LOT of extract flavors to modify shakes (examples: Vanilla, Orange, Raspberry, Lemon, Peppermint, Almond, Coconut, etc.) I could not survive this diet without them. Your average grocery store carries maybe 3 or 4, which should be enough, but if you want no holds barred, go to a specialty store and the sky is the limit.

Especially if you are blending opposed to just shaking, extracts are amazing and they work great with Metabolic Drive or any powder.


Great work Jer… you made it look easy actually.