V-Diet Challenge: Advanced or Intermediate?


So I did my first V-Diet challenge the other day. I did the advanced one because I am doing the advanced workout program. It just about killed me. It took me about 30 min. just to get through 4 circuits and I had nothing left after that. Would I be better off giving the intermediate V-Diet challenge a try next week or just keep hammering away at the advanced workout program and hope I can work my way up to completing all 7 circuits?


Ideally you want to finish the whole workout, so you may need to bump down a level. That way you can finish it all, then try to beat that time the next week.

BUT, in the end, as long as you’re killing it with all you’ve got, then the V-Burn is going to do its job. But it would nice to complete the workout so you can measure your progress with it.



You could simply shoot to add one more circuit to what you got this last time. That’s still measured improvement.


I like your last idea the best. Even if I started a little over my head I’d like to stick with it. 5 circuits this week or bust! If I add at least a circuit each week I’ll be finishing the 7 at the end of the 4th week. I’d be happy with that and then could work on my time the last 2 weeks during the transition phase. Thanks Chris.


One other thing…

don’t compare yourself to others in terms of what they report for their V-Burn “results.”

I did a little math, and 770 reps (this assumes you only do 10 pushup-twists/circuit instead of 10 per arm) with a 2-second interval per set to change exercises yields a “perfection” time of just under 15 minutes.

That means: no fatigue, no slowdown, just a machine-like pace… and is a 2-second changeover time realistic, ie, getting into position for headstand pushups?

Probably not.

The V-Burn has kicked my ass too, but I did it again Sat and did better.

You’ve established a baseline, and progress is progress.

Sometimes we all need a good ass-kicking to show us where we really are.

I can do a lot of OTHER things really well, but they don’t translate to being good at V-Burn.

To me, that’s what’s great about it- something different, a new kind of mountain to climb.

It’s opened my mind to what variety REALLY is, as opposed to just doing another deadlift variant.

Challenge yourself to get better each week.


Oh yes, the v-burn definitely pushes cardiovascular and muscle endurance like nothing I’ve ever done. I think I’ll incorporate it into my routine even after I’m done with the V-Diet. I’m not worried about what anybody else is doing, just what I’m doing and what improvements I can make.