V-Diet Calories

Do i need to hit the calorie # exactly as the. V-Diet meal log required? I added evrrything up and im short 300 calories on a non workout day?

As long as you drink the number of shakes and workout drinks the V-Diet recommends in the plan it makes for you, then there’s no need to count calories. The numbers are just estimates.

Thanks ! Im bout to be 2 shakes in 138 to go. Also do I need to adjust the shakes on workout days before and after workouts?

Not really, as long as you’re using Surge Recovery post-lifting (you skip it on non-weight-training days.) Many prefer to sip their Surge Recovery during training and finish the other half right after training. You can try that and use whichever method works best for you.

With the shakes, the main thing to do is spread them evenly, not too close together (where you run out of shakes before the end of the day) and not too far apart (where it’s about bedtime and you have 2 shakes to go.)

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