V-Diet Calculations Question

I’m thinking about doing the V-Diet in March (Need to save up funds for it) and it’s looking like in order to meet my goals, I will be doing the second calculation for 30(+) lbs.

That’s all good, but when looking at the recommended supplements (fish oil, flax, pb) I keep overshooting my total calories.

Obviously, one of the key components is getting 1 gram of protein per pound. Irregardless of where the protein comes from, I will be taking in 880 calories of protein. That only leaves me 370 calories for fat and fiber.

I can take in 30 grams of fat and 25 grams of carbs and not go over my calculations.

I guess my question is whether or not the ‘1 gram of protein per pound’ is absolutely important, or if I could drop it down to say, .9 grams of protein (200 grams total) to place into my other macros.

How much do you weigh?

220 lbs right now.

Use the regular formula, not the one made for the very overweight. Also, see the Start Here and Gus’s Physique Clinic thread. Follow those examples and the numbers should come out right.

Sounds good Chris.

Thanks for the reply!

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