V-Diet, Body and Personality?

Hi Chris!

First, thank you for the time you take to answer all our questions. It’s been a while since I read several articles on this forum, and I decided to start the velocity diet.

I have a question for you: do you know articles that demonstrate the direct link between physical appearance and personality (like be more confident, etc.). I know it exists, magazines talk a lot, but is there something more scientific about it? I am currently doing my PhD in social work, and my scientific side would like to read about it.

Thank you in advance

That’s a good question. I can’t think of any specific books or studies at the moment, but you’re right, the info is out there. There has been a lot of new research about “power postures” and the relationship with hormone levels though, so that may be worth looking into. I wrote a small piece on it too:

Another area of interest might be to Google “body dysmorphia.” This sort of takes the apposite approach, often referring to the desire to look better and better (or bigger and bigger) and not “seeing” the results i.e. the 240 pound pile of muscle who thinks he’s small and actually has a low self-esteem.

But I think the main line of research here would be to look into direct hormonal changes that come with being in great shape vs. being in bad shape, like testosterone levels, cortisol, estrogen etc. A search on our site for “hormones testosterone” might bring up some good info too, especially the articles written by TC.

Hope that helps.

Thank Chris, I really appreciate!

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