V-Diet/Biotest in the UK

Hi everyone.

I am seriously thinking of doing the V-Diet and was just wondering if anyone knew if the products needed were available in shops in the UK or would I just have to order them online from thought this site?

Thanks in advance

Biotest has most of their products available only on-line, they are more of a “directly from the source” sort of retailer of premium nutrition products.

So you should probably just order them through the website.

Cool thanks for that I wont go wasting my time looking round my local shops now ill just sort out the old cash flow situation and get them from here

There are several online stores that sell Biotest products in the UK how ever you usually pay in £ what the prices are in $ from the Biotest store here.

How ever if you order the products from the online Biotest store you will most likely get hit by an import fee meaning either way it will be much more expensive compared to the normal US prices.

So jumping basically you are saying in order for me to save money on these products i need to move to the US? Cool ive always wanted to emigrate, not sure the family will think its a good idea though.

I will have to look and see which way will work out cheaper buy from UK or pay import fees.

But thanks for the input.

I know it sucks being in the UK :wink: seriously tho if you know some one over in the US you might be able to get round the customs fee if you can get them to buy it and send it over as a gift.

This might not always work but it might be worth a shot. Other problem I found with getting Biotest supps in the UK is that most stores doesn’t have all the supps you want on the V-diet which means you will have to either order it from several stores and getting multiple shipping fees or you find a store that has higher prices but has all you need.

Don’t think I found one store that had everything, found some that had everything but the old version of HOT-ROX etc.

Any ways hope you find a way to do it without bankrupting yourself.


I’ve just bought everything I needed at
Service has been really good, 8 or more tubs of Metabolic Drive is only £25.50 per tub :slight_smile:

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