V-Diet - Bikini Competition Prep

Hi Everyone!
Today was day 1 of V diet. I am a 33 year old female, 5’5.5’’ tall. My goal is to cut down fat, maintain muscle mass, and get a start on a solid foundation for Bikini Competition Prep. I am very excited to do Velocity, ready for the challenge and motivated to see definition of my body. It’s been a busy day, so I will do measurements and post pix tomorrow. However, I did weigh in at 60 kg (132 lbs) this morning, and will weigh in daily with weekly measurements to make sure I’m seeing progress and keeping my focus in the right place.

Any Advice for Velocity Virgins?!?

Hi GogoJojo,

For me, the Velocity Diet is a series of hills and valleys. It usually starts off with a whimper (Day 1 & 2 of “This isn’t that bad”). Days 3 and 4 are usually quite rough, you may get headaches and not have much energy.

After that, I find that you pretty much go into cruise control but be prepared for brief but very powerful urges to eat something not allowed.

Do yourself a favor and follow the instructions TO THE LETTER. Don’t try to justify modifying it, just do it.

I will say this, it is one of the most beneficial things you will ever do for yourself. 29 days on the V-Diet will teach you a lot about your relationship with food and how you feel about yourself. I would go so far to say it is worthwhile even if you don’t lose any fat…but do not fear, you WILL lose fat.

On blue days post here for support, tell yourself now what you will do when you start to waver,have a plan and stick to it.

Good luck.


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