V-Diet Begins!

After weeks of reading and research my V-Diet quest finally started on 10/13/08!!! I am about 6’0" and weighed in at 202.8 on the first day of the diet. I hope to be able to lean up pretty good over the next 28 days. So far things are going strong and the shakes taste great compared to ones I have tried in the past.

The biggest challenge is getting past the cravings and getting over the habit of “eating”. I will keep posting in regards to progress and good luck to those starting and thanks for the info from the ones who have done it in the past!

Good luck! Keep us posted!

Keep us posted!

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Hi Chris

I have been studying English by six months to be able to write to the people on T-Nation.

I am very interested on the V-Diet, I really want and need to change my body, and your program sounds great, but I think I need your help and guide, could you help me on this?

Thank you in advanced
Best regards

I am king of new to T-Nation. I notice you have many great products. Which testosterone supplement do you recommend? From the ReceptorMax, the Alpha Male, or the Rez-V? Also, for fat loss what is the best combo of supplements? I am 38 y.o. 6 foot 2 inches tall & 205 lbs.

[quote]rmk25 wrote:
I am king of new to T-Nation. I notice you have many great products. Which testosterone supplement do you recommend? From the ReceptorMax, the Alpha Male, or the Rez-V? Also, for fat loss what is the best combo of supplements? I am 38 y.o. 6 foot 2 inches tall & 205 lbs.[/quote]

I believe I already answered you in PM.

[quote]rmk25 wrote:
I am king of new to T-Nation. I notice you have many great products. Which testosterone supplement do you recommend? From the ReceptorMax, the Alpha Male, or the Rez-V? Also, for fat loss what is the best combo of supplements? I am 38 y.o. 6 foot 2 inches tall & 205 lbs.[/quote]

Alpha Male is the stud king of T-boosting supps.

REZ-V, while it does have T-boosting and estrogen lowering properties, is really more of a health and longevity supplement to me. I take it daily like a multivitamin. Google “resveratrol” to see why. That’s what REZ-V is.

Fat loss: HOT-ROX Extreme.

So its day 6 and things are still on schedule. I am hoping my weigh in day on monday shows some results. A lot of the cravings are starting to go away and I have been putting myself in the fire so to speak in regards to being around food. I figure the more I do that and the more I am able to resist the easier it will get and so far it has worked. The workouts have gone well also. I have not really had a noticeable affect from the HOT-ROX Extreme yet in regards to energy or anything as others have stated so I hope I will still get the same results from them.

I am looking forward to my HSM today and look forward to getting this 1st week in and behind me. Hopefully there will be some results to show for it. Is there anyone out there who has done the V-Diet (and actually followed correctly) and still didn’t get results after the first week?

Oh yea, this is going to be more of a rant but I have to say this. Since I have been on the V-Diet I have been carrying around my shakes and I always seem to have one on me of course. I love it when people ask me questions and want to know how I found out about it and how its working and all that. But, it drives me crazy when some out of shape, non-athletic, fat person who smokes or dips or who has some other bad habit decides to tell me that what I am doing cannot be healthy!!!

Who the hell are they to give health advise since its obvious the model they have been following their entire lives hasn’t exactly worked out for them! I try to be patient and educate them about the health benefits and explain to them about the calories and how this diet IS VERY healthy and how it will make you a healthier person when your done but their lack of knowledge in the subject area apparently makes them unable to comprehend what I am saying. I mean, all be damned if they cant eat their McDonalds, TacoBell, or get themselves hooked up to the gravy pipe every day!!!

Anyway, sorry about the soap box but I just had to get that out there.

I know exactly what you mean. The 2nd time around, I avoided telling anyone other than very close friends and family.

Good luck with the diet, btw!

Ok, day 7. I had my HSM yesterday and I dont think grilled shrimp, steamed veggies, and rice ever tasted better. Honestly, I was excited to get to “eat” but I was surprised to find that I was also eager to get another shake in and get back on schedule afterwards.

Unfortunately I am behind on getting measurments and pics taken but hope to take care of that in the next day or so…better late than never I guess. I’m not sure I can tell any difference in the 1st week or not but I try not to get my hopes up, we will see in the morning when I weigh. The 1st week was a challenge but I feel its gotten a lot easier each day and the mental toughness you gain in the process is nice!!!

To anyone starting the diet, take pleasure in doing (and finishing) something that you know not many people could handle doing or would not have the will power and mental strength to do. Of course the main reason I am doing this is for myself and to better my health but knowing that there are not many people that can handle this diet makes it that much sweeter. 90% of the people I talk to about this diet think I’m crazy and its never felt so good to be crazy!

You are right!

I think about that often (with all of my extra time)-all of the self control a person must have.

I tend to wonder what this would mean in terms of a career. If someone has this much ability to control themselves, and that much passion for doing so, what else could they be really really good at? What’s the limits of it all?

Ok, quick update. I weighed in this morning at 199lbs. Thats down about 4-5 lbs from this time last week. I’m pretty happy with those results and I’m feeling great. Lets hope it keeps up!

SWG…keep pressing on with this journey it is well worth the effort. I have a question/concern. Are you keeping good track of your measurements? and weight?

Nothing is more reliable than the tape measure. Weight might not drop off but the inches still can and will. 2nd week is a bear and often weight don’t change much.

The key then is measurements. This is a tough row to hoe and you need every advantage you can get…fat friends and co-workers are the worst.
Good luck! Not luck, but good work!

Thanks for the motivating words man! The measurements are the one thing I am disappointed in myself for not keeping better track of. I screwed myself on those because I didn’t take measurements until the end of week 1 but I will keep better track from this point forward.

I’m on day 9 and things are still going well. Had a bit of a craving this morning but busted through it as I did all last week. The diet is now becoming part of my everyday routine and as stated in other posts its getting easier every day. The 1st week was the biggest challenge but I was able to put myself into some tough situations that were very tempting and managed to fight all the cravings which have made it easier this week. Trial by fire as they say.

Day 11, things are still going really good. I am feeling leaner and better it seems every day. My willpower feels likes its through the roof and I really cant wait to get to the half way point and finish this experience up to see the results.

I got my last 4 jugs of Metabolic Drive today and those will finish me out to the end so its all good from here. I am starting to see the difference now also.

On a side note, I had a friend at work who had decided he was going to begin the V-Diet journey with me this week and unfortunately he didnt even last a day. He did fine while he was at work and while I was there to help encourage him but as soon as he got home he ate and decided he wasnt going to be able to do it.

I tried talking him into it but I cant be there with him all the time to make sure he does what he is supposed to. It did make me realize how strong willed those of you who are on this diet and who take part in this experience really are. It takes a special breed of person to do this!!!j

Also, Polsen714 and SilentBob, thanks for the info on Dr. John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition program!! I placed my order yesterday and cannot wait to get it and start it after I complete this!! Thanks again guys!

[quote]swg0405 wrote:
jlats- I saw where you noted Dr. John Berardi in an earlier post. I just ordered his program and am pretty excited to get it and start it to aid in my transition period after I finish the V-Diet. Your transition phase looks to be on point so keep it going man and continue with the results.[/quote]

I have Precision Nutrition as well and it truly is awesome. The principles and preparation strategies outlined are what I found most useful.

Haha, that’s pretty funny about your buddy. Taste is an addiction for sure. What I wouldn’t give for buffalo wings right now.

Keep up the great work!

Day 16 and all is still well. I weighed in yesterday morning and came in at 195lbs. Thats right at a 8lb loss since I started this journey, and I am pretty happy with those results! Each week with each pound lost I gain more motivation to continue on with the process. The changes are becoming more noticeable and I feel great!

I have measurements that I took for the 1st time (unfortunately) last week and I will get those posted today or tomorrow and will hopefully have more changes by the end of week 4.
I had salmon, green beans, and salad for my HSM on saturday and it was awesome! I also just got my Precision Nutritioin materials in yesterday so I am going to start reading and preparing for my transition off of the V-Diet, 2 weeks isn’t that far off!

The workouts are great and I am really enjoying the change of pace they have provided me in my workouts. I will get the measurements posted up as soon as possible and Good Luck to all those still going through the experience!!!

Day 18, I have once again this week encountered people trying to tell me that what I am doing is unhealthy and they were telling me this as they were smoking their 2nd cigarette in less than 30 minutes. It never fails to make me laugh!

Anyway, my measurements…long overdue I know! I took these on day 13 (way late).
Largest part of belly/love handle- 37"
Thigh- 22"
Calf- 14.5"
Chest/Nipple line- 42.75"
Btwn Belly button & nipple line- 35"
Shoulders- 24"
Upper Arm- 14"
Neck- 16.25"

So there they are, I guess I will see where they end up in the next week or so. The diet is still going well and I’m not having any issues with it and the workouts are going great. All in all so far its been a success.

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