V-Diet Beginner


I’m just about to start my V-Diet and have a few questions…

  1. is creatine effective on the V-Diet? and if so, what times should I take it to get the best effects?

  2. without going through every post related to the V-Diet, is it best to do the velocity workout or can I stick with a 5/3/1 while adding prowlers or tabatas?

  3. My cousin really wants to try this but she’s over the prescibed weight limit recommended for the V-Diet. She’s about 5’7 and 250 lbs and works out hard believe it or not but has had a brutal diet through the years (she’s 35) and when I say she works out hard I mean she benches 155x8, squats 185x8 and deadlifts 185x10. Should she just go for it? Or are there any recommendations you might have for or against it? Personally, I think she needs the “all-out war” to get her started. She’s healthy in every way except for her being overweight.


  1. It’s fine. Add it to your Surge Recovery, 5g per drink. No loading. Just keep in mind that adding creatine, if you’re not already on it, will jack with your water weight levels a bit, so it may throw scale measurements off. It’s okay, tape measurements are more important anyway.

  2. It’s better to do the weight training program designed just for the V-Diet and its rapid fat loss goals. Also, with a program that requires more days per week of lifting, you’re using more Surge, thus adding hundreds of extra cals and carbs, and running out early if you bought the V-Diet package as is. The Waterbury plan, when performed correctly, is powerfully effective, very challenging, and you won’t under or over-train.

  3. She’s better off doing something like the <a href=""target=“new”>100 Gram Carb Cure first, then doing the V-Diet when she’s closer to the guidelines.


Thanks Shug. I will follow your advice.