V-Diet Beginner Workout Warm-Ups

For those who are following the V-Diet workouts at any level, what type of warmups are you doing? I think I remember reading Gus’s thread about mobility warmups of some type, but never really outlined them. I wanted to know if there is some specific warmups to do before the workouts.


I haven’t read anything about a specific prescribed warmup, but I plan on just doing about 3-5 minutes of fast jump-roping for a quick warmup. Just enough to get my blood pumping before I start lifting.

I dont do much to warm up either. But mine is on the Advanced workouts…not that it makes a difference lol.

I do the intermediate workouts and the only warm up I do is a couple sets of whatever the heaviest lift of the day is. For example, Monday-deads Wed.-Bike or treadmill 5-10 and Friday- bench. May not be the best, but it works for me.

Hi Dave. I’m also on the Intermediate Program. If you can, pick up a copy of Huge in a Hurry by Chad Waterbury. It has mobility exercises to perform pre-workout and stretching exercises post-workout. Off the top of my head, some of the mobility exercises were t-pushups, single leg deadlifts, and side lunges with an overhead reach to name a few. These would be done with no weights. You should def. get the book for Chad goes into how you should do mobility exercises beforehand to, in a sense, wake up your body and flexibility exercises postworkout to cooldown.

Also, he goes into how you should really lift fast and heavy, which had helped with the program he developed for us V-dieters.

Hahahh sorry about babbling and the plug to Chad’s book (Chad you can thank me later =) )


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