V-Diet Began

Started the V-diet yesterday. I was starting thinking I was going to be strict for three cycles of the V-diet to get down to my ideal physique. After two days I’m thinking this is more of a lifestyle change for me. I think most people would question that. With being as busy as I am it is the most convient and as long as I am feeling healthy I will continue, I would say once I get down to maintenance numbers I will modify the Healthy meal to equal more calories possibly. It kind of reminds me of Greg plot’s Low-no diet. Same concept except he doesn’t have calorie restrictions on his healthy meal just says eat until your full and low carb. Any who Lost 6 pounds after the first day which I expected. Here are my starting numbers -

Starting date March 28th
Height - 6’2
Weight 254.6
BF% 24
Neck - 15.5
Shoulders- 49.5
Chest - 41.5
Waist below - 38.5
Waist across - 41
Waist below - 40
Hips - 40.5
Bicep - 16.5
thigh - 26
calf 16.8

Last night for my healthy meal it wasn’t so healthy had some dominos and a slice of pie. Hopefully I can stay a little more strict than that in the future. I will try and build some steam and see what I can do with this.

Weighed today

Weight 250
I’ll check BF tommarow.
So far I love it although haven’t follwed it too the T I feel great. I hated the shakes taste at first but it’s actually growing on me. It’s super convient of your always busy like me. You only have to worry about one meal and I have been trying to eat about 700-800 cals. I could lose more faster but I’m comfortable with what I’ve done so far. I will focus on trying to post some pictures and be held a little more accountable and get the diet down perfect. Also I love the workouts. 3 times a week is awesome. I’m used to 6 or even 7 and always being drained but the reduced load feels great. Have t lost any strength. Till the next time

247.8 dam I can’t believe my first post was 20 days ago. The last couple weeks I have been readjusting. I cheat way too much too many calories going in and def not enough sleep. I am reordering this next week hopefully. On a good note body fat has gone down a couple % so that’s a score. I think I’m always too concerned with losing muscle and I hateeee being hungry but I realize that may be part of it. Anyways here’s too a good week :slight_smile:

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