V-Diet Before Bootcamp

I was suppose to start on 1/20 but got started late on 1/22. O well. I am on day 5 at this point and going strong. Only had a few cravings but nothing too bad. I am leaving for USMC bootcamp on March 11th and want to be as light as possible when I go. I figure the V-diet is the quickest and safest way to do it without losing the strength I gained. I just finished about 8 weeks worth of 4x10 3 times a week with squat, bench, deadlift. I ended doing 300x10 for squat, 335x10 for deadlift, and 210x10 for bench. I am 6’1’’ and 219lbs at the start on 1/22. I am hoping to get down below 200 before I leave.

Here are the measurements in inches
Chest- 41.5
Shoulders- 50.25
Neck- 15.25
Waist- 41
R-Bicep- 14.25 unflexed 15.5 flexed
R-Forearm- 12.25
L-Bicep- 14.75 unflexed 15.5 flexed
L-Forearm- 12.5
Hips- 43.25
R-Calf- 16.25
L-Calf- 16.5



First week is done. Was not as bad as I thought it would be, but definitely had some cravings and tough moments. The V-burn was probably the toughest part of the damn week. I was exhausted and could only think about how much I hated it the whole time. Took me 22 mins 20 secs so I am hoping to have that down around 18 by the time the diet is complete. Besides that here are the measurements after the first week.
-------- Week 1 — Week 2
Weight- — 219 — 211
Chest- — 41.5 — 41
Shoulders- — 50.25 — 49.25
Neck- — 15.25 — 14.75
Waist- — 41 — 40
R-Bicep- — 14.25 — 13.75
L-Bicep- — 14.75 — 14.25
R-forearm- — 12.25 — 12
L-forearm- — 12.5 — 12.25
Hips- — 43.25 — 42.75
R-thigh- — 26.25 — 26
L-thigh- — 26.5 — 26
R-calf- — 16.25 — 16
L-calf- — 16.5 — 16.25

Today is day 11. I had some really bad cravings on Tuesday night so I just went to bed because I really thought I was gonna go crazy. I did not get my first workout in this week until Wednesday due to work so I will be doing a Wed, Thurs, Fri workout this week. I am feeling pretty run down this morning so I plan on only doing the NEPA tomorrow and relaxing as much as I can. Today I am feeling mentally strong and even though I am hungry all the time I do not want to cheat or give up.

Those 5 less seconds of rest on the Monday workout really made a huge difference though, I was struggling through the workout real bad. I found the weights I am going to use throughout the rest of the workout. I am doing the intermediate program and for front squat I am using 205, my body weight for pull ups, and 205 for the bench. (the highest dumbbells in the gym are 60s so I use barbell bench). The Wednesday workout I will be using the 60s for reverse lunge (light but its as high as they go), 145 for bent over row, 145 for push press, and 65 for barbell curl. Weigh in and measurements are Sunday.

I have also been doing my NEPA every morning before work on the treadmill. I wear a 40 lbs vest and keep the treadmill on 4.2 for between 40-60 minutes. I have not missed one yet and even on the weekends I do the NEPA fasted as soon as I wake up.

HSM #2. An 8 oz steak, half a yam mashed up, a big salad with broccoli and grape tomatoes, a cup of fruit, a banana, and a bottle of water. Just did the vburn about an hour ago. Took me 20:15 so I took off a little over 2 minutes but it still is horrid. Plan on going into the Super Bowl parties tonight completely satisfied and still have one more shake left for the day so I see no weakness striking later. Lets go 49ers!!

Keep up the good work! How are the cravings going now?

Besides the 49ers losing yesterday it was a great day. Ate the HSM right before the super bowl and then drank my last shake at half time and had no cravings at all for the greasy foods. I could not even finish the whole meal actually!! I had to cram the rest of the steak in and did not finish the salad or the banana. It was just too much.

Unfortunately I did not do my NEPA this morning fasted as I usually do because I woke up very late for work but I will just get it done later on in the day. Accidentalyogi, the cravings hardly ever strike and the only time they do is at night so I usually just go pass out. Keeps things simple and I’ve always believed in the KISS acronym. Anyways, this is the start of my third week and I will post my measurements later today after work. Things are going great so far.

Well I had a crazy week and actually found it easier to stay on track. I have not had any cravings to speak of and have just been constantly busy. I missed my fasted NEPA yesterday and that sucked but besides that I am kicking some ass. I feel and look a lot leaner and am excited for my weigh in this weekend. I did the workouts when I was supposed to this week instead of all three in a row and I had much more energy for the workouts and they felt great. I will post both my measurements for last week and then for this week when I weigh in on Sunday since I never put them up. Feeling good though!

Keep up the great work, you’re nearly through to the lighter, brighter side!

This morning was my weigh in. My HSM was a steak, steamed broccoli, and the other half of that yam. I also had a banana for dessert. The v-burn took me 19:44 so that has been improving pretty consistently. It is still very much a pain in the ass but I am starting to enjoy it in a sick way.

Anyways, I gained .4 lbs from last week. I weighed in a 211.4 and last week I was 211. That was pretty discouraging to see to say the least but the measurements are still dropping so I guess that is what matters. Here are the measurements.

-------------- Start — Week 1 — Week 2 — Week 3 — Total lost
Weight- ------- 219 ---- 211 ---- 211 — 211.4 — 7.6 lbs
Chest- -------- 41.5 — 41 ----- 40.75 — 40.25 — 1.25 in
Shoulders- ---- 50.25 — 49.25 — 48.75 — 49 — 1.25 in
Neck- --------- 15.25 — 14.75 — 14.75 — 14.75 — 1.5 in
Waist- -------- 41 ------ 40 — 39.75 — 39.25 — 1.75 in
R-Bicep- ------ 14.25 — 13.75 — 14 — 13.75 — .5 in
L-Bicep- ------ 14.75 — 14.25 — 14.25 — 14 — .75 in
R-forearm- ---- 12.25 — 12 ----- 12 — 12 — .25 in
L-forearm- ---- 12.5 ---- 12.25 — 12 — 12 — .5 in
Hips- --------- 43.25 — 42.75 — 42.75 — 42 — 1.25 in
R-thigh- ------ 26.25 — 26 ----- 26 — 25.75 — .5 in
L-thigh- ------ 26.5 ---- 26 ----- 26 — 25.75 — .75 in
R-calf- ------- 16.25 — 16 ----- 16 — 15.75 — .5 in
L-calf- ------- 16.5 ---- 16.25 — 16 — 16 — .5 in

Way to go on those measurements!

Rock on!

When I first started the diet I had ordered a few Strawberry tubs of the Metabolic Drive and I hated them. I dreaded every time I would drink one of the strawberry flavored shakes and now I literally can not wait for that sweet treat that it tastes like now. There is one little part that I have definitely noticed a change in my taste preferences. It almost feels like a dessert every time I drink it!

Today I will be half way done with my final week and I cannot wait for my HSM even though I am used to the shakes and have a good schedule at this point. NEPA and workouts are going good but I do notice I feel extremely depleted after the workouts and just go sit on my couch and sulk after them. After about an hour or so of recovering I usually feel better but those short rest periods with the heavy weights really take their toll!

Way to go!

I hear you on the Strawberry - I’ve been mixing it with Chocolate/Vanilla and using them as my SuperFood & Flax shakes, blending it with a ton of ice and it is now starting to taste pretty good!

You’re not alone on the totally ass-kicked post-workout feeling! Like you, though, I find that after a little recovery time I feel much better.

Keep rocking it, you’re so close!

My Poole function was cancelled last week because of that “blizzard” and we had it this morning. It was easy as hell. We only had to do an IST (initial strength test) and the rest of the time was just class time so I had no problems. I drank about 3/4 of a Surge Workout Fuel shake and beasted on the IST. (the IST is a 1.5 mile run, max set of pullups, and max set of situps in 2 min) I felt soooo much lighter and everything just seemed easier dropping the weight I have so far.

Now I am getting on with the day and just wrapping the last week of the diet. Then I am on to the transition phase and am real excited to eat a meal a day!

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