V-Diet Before & After


Here are 3 side by sides of before & after my V-Diet experience. Just wanted to cut a bit before summer. Starting to see some veins in the abs, which is pretty cool!


Side shot




Great progress. Do you feel you lost any muscle mass? Which lifting program did you follow?


Thank you!

As far as muscle mass goes, I can not tell you with certainty if I lost any or not. I do know that I tested my 1RM on bench and it had not declined. I may have lost strength in my legs, but I was unable to do any leg activity week 4 due to pain in my hip flexors. I don’t believe much, if any, was lost. That being said, I may have increased my muscle endurance, and overall conditioning. I do believe that this will help me in terms of overall athletic ability/strength training now that I am done with the diet.


Great progress. Did you follow the V-Diet workout?


Sorry for such a late response. I’ve been studying 10+ hours a day for my Master’s finals and am getting my ass kicked. Anyway, I followed the intermediate lifting program in the V-Diet, almost to a T. Had some hip issues starting week 3 and had to cut back on front squats. Everything else I followed as prescribed.