V-Diet as of 14/10

I started the V-Diet on 14 October. I used to be in good shape (boxed and bounced) but over the past few years good food and wine have left me untrained and skinny fat.

I ran Wendler’s 5/3/1 Boring But Big 3 Month Challenge just before starting the V-Diet, and put on 10kg (mostly quality mass: I ate clean).

I have a uni reunion in December that I want to be looking good for, and I also want to get a jump start on the fat loss now that I’m training again.

Here are my stats (as of V-Diet day 2)

Age: 29 (turn 30 during diet)
Height: 194cm/6 foot 4
Weight: 113kg/249lb

All in inches:

Neck: 16.5
Shoulders: 54
Chest (armpits): 45
Chest (nipple): 47
Waste (navel): 41
Upper Arm L: 15.5
Upper Arm R: 15
L Thigh: 26.5
R Thigh: 26
L Calf: 16
R Calf: 16.5

Slightly surprised that L side is bigger than R!

Will post again later with pics and account of days 1-5.

Top row is July 2012, bottom row is Oct 14 2012 - last Sunday and day 1 of V-diet.

Pics were teaken with different cameras, in different rooms, by different people, so not sure how good they are for comparison.

Day 1

Day one was fine. Didn’t really get hungry (ate like a king the night before), and was motivated to begin.

Day 2

Day two started off well, but by the afternoon I was really feeling the lack of carbs. I was lethargic, and couldn’t concentrate on my work. Really wanted to die by the time evening came around. Then it was time for my workout which actually perked me up. I was deliberately conservative with my weights as I’m not used to training without a belly full of carbs.

20 reps with 5RM

Front Squat 50kg: 5+4+4+3+2+2
Chin-up BW: 6+4+3+2+3+2
Bench 70kg: 5+5+5+5
Rollout from: knees 20

Day 3

Was quite sore. Still felt lethargic but nowhere near as bad as previous day.

Day 4

Felt fine today, but really had to force myself to work out in the evening. Was sorer than I’ve been in a long while.

40 reps with 8RM

Split Squat 30kg 5x8
DB Row 40kg 5X8
Push press 40kg 5x8
BB Curl 34kg 5x8
Reverse Crunch 25+15

This really took it out of me, although I managed to keep the rest times to the proscribed 45s.

Day 5 (Today)

Feel good today. Energy levels feel normal, glutes are sore but not as stiff as yesterday. Feel like I have accustomed to hunger. Planned for HSM with friends tomorrow: chicken breast and stir fried sprouts with almonds and creme fraiche. Very much looking forward to this :slight_smile:

All in all I feel confident that I can see out the four weeks. It’s hard but not impossible, and the hunger reminds me of a good few years ago when I was trying to get down to 82kg for boxing: I ate nothing but tuna salad and protein shakes for 6 weeks (no, I knew nothing about training and nutrition at the time).

Results so far

Scales say I have lost 3kg, but I believe this is mostly glycogen stores. I feel softer, but I have reclaimed almost two belt holes, which is reassuring. The jury is out so far but I’m interested to see how it pans out.

This is my HSM from last night. Chicken breast, spuds, and the green stuff is stir fried brussels sprouts with lardons, almonds, and creme fraiche. I had been fantasizing about this (that’s right: I fantasized about brussels sprouts) all week and it didn’t disappoint.

I had a glass of wine with dinner and a slice of nice French cheese after… when in Rome.

I ate until I was full, but 15 mins after I was hungry again!!

I skipped the lunch shake, and had the night time one when I got home. It was nice not waking up hungry this morning, but slightly disappointing to realise I’m back on the liquids!

Friday was also workout day. Here is what I did:

Deadlift 90kg 8,8,8,8,4,4

Incline DB Press 8,8,8,8,8

Neutral grip pull-up 8,5,4,4,5,3,1 (30 reps. Stopped here as pull-ups strength is still quite weak)

Hand walkout from toes 8,8,8,8,8

DL were a lot harder on the V-Diet. As a point of reference, in the last week of the BBB challenge I was pulling 5x8@100kg, and perceived it to be easier than the deadlifts today.

I feel very good though, and definitely not as soft as I reported in a previous post.

I used the money I saved on food to treat myself to a sports massage. I had to get naked so was concerned I had called the wrong type of massage parlour for a moment but really enjoyed it in the end. The masseuse said I have nice hard muscles, which is always good to hear :slight_smile:

She also told me that I shouldn’t get any more muscular, and that I can be strong without getting bigger. I saw where she was coming from until she said “look at me, I’m not big but I can lift 50kg no problem”. Yes, dear. Just carry on with the massage, please. I suppose we have different ideas of strong.

Looks good so far! Will be following. Sorry if kind of random.

Day 8

I did the V-Burn Challenge today. It looks easy on paper… Completed in 29:09. Clap push-ups were hardest, as its a while since I’ve done any plyo, and I’m heavier than ever before now. Quality workout nonetheless.

I also got a nice surprise yesterday. My V-Diet pack was delivered in two boxes, and I finished the small box, which had contained strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla Metabolic Drive. When I opened the second box I remembered I had ordered banana too, so my diet just got 33% more varied!! I find the strawberry and banana flavours delicious, and get on ok with the vanilla and chocolate.

My scale weight is hovering around 110-111kg, but I am starting to see a difference in the mirror. I’m looking forward to seeing how the weight develops in week two. I’ll put up more pics after week 2 if there’s a noticeable difference in body comp.

Time for my nut shake then bed.

[quote]zimdude7 wrote:
Looks good so far! Will be following. Sorry if kind of random.[/quote]

Thanks, and no problem. Good to know someone else is reading this!

Quick post to say that the scales got moving again during the night, and I weighed in at 109.6kg this morning (last weighed in at 110.8kg).

Week 2 Workout 1

20 reps
25s rest

Front Squat 54kg 5+5+3+3+2+2

Chin-ups 7+5+3+3+2

Bench 74kg 5+5+5+5

Ab rollout 20

Despite the shorter rest periods and added weight, today felt much better than last week. Either last week was a bad week (it followed an off week), or I “acclimatised” to training on the V-Diet. Chin-ups as specially felt much easier. Bench was challenging, perhaps because of plyo push-ups yesterday.

The hunger was back with a vengeance today. I slept in both Sat and Sun so the shorter days kept me feeling fuller.

Week 2 Workout 2

40 reps
40s rest

Split Squat 34kg 5x8
DB Row 44kg 5x8
Push Press 44kg 5x8
BB Curl 34kg 5x8
Reverse Crunch 30+10

Added weight (except curls) and decreased rest, and again workout was easier than last week. Rest felt shortest between sets of DB rows, so plan to stay at that weight next week with shorter rests.

MUCH less soreness than last week. Was tempted to add in some extra work on off days but will do diet by the book this time.

I really like reverse crunches, and will be adding them to my regular core exercises.

Day 12

Weighed 108.6kg today, on the morning of my 30th birthday. This will be the first birthday for at least 15 years where I haven’t gone out and got drunk. I will, however, be going for sushi with friends as my HSM tonight.

Before I started the diet I was worried about my willpower holding out on my birthday, but I’m starting to see results that make me want to stick to the diet. I noticed that my belly sticks out less than before: I was always sucking it in before, and now if I relax it it only sticks out as far as when it was sucked in. This is encouraging.

I had a weak moment on Monday as it was a beautiful day and I was out for a coffee after work: would have been a great day for sitting on a terrace having a beer and then heading on for crepes. I was a bit sad as I headed home for shake no. 4.

Apart from that, though, I have had no trouble sticking to the diet. I do get hungry (sometimes ravenous), but I know why I’m doing it so have been able to hold out. I also noticed that if I get up early, then having my HOT-ROX and then waiting a few hours before shake no. 1 means that I am far less hungry throughout the day (i.e. up at 6.30am, HOT-ROX, then shake at 9am). Otherwise, having the breakfast shake early leaves too long a wait until lunch and my stomach starts complaining around 10am.

Any problems with lethargy and poor concentration have disappeared.

With almost two weeks done, I feel as though the diet will be over before I know it, and am confident about reaching the end.

Happy 30th birthday!
Progress looks great, keep up the hard work!

Just wanted to let you know that I started the diet on the 13th of October. You’ve had great progress so far! Keep it up :slight_smile: I love reading your log!


[quote]zimdude7 wrote:
Happy 30th birthday!
Progress looks great, keep up the hard work![/quote]

Thanks man!

[quote]SaraJoJo wrote:
Just wanted to let you know that I started the diet on the 13th of October. You’ve had great progress so far! Keep it up :slight_smile: I love reading your log!

Thanks JoJo! How is the diet working out for you? Last week now!

Week 3

Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I’m full of shit. I managed to be good on my Birthday but the next night I went a bit off the rails. I won’t go into details but it involved several varietes of single malt whisky and a Dominos pizza. I missed workout 2.3 and the V-Burn. I also now understand why you shouldn’t drink on the V-Diet, as it took me a while to recover. What’s done is done.

Nevertheless, on Friday morning I weighed in at 107.3kg/237lbs, so weight is still coming off. I also added in another workout on the Tues in penance for my debauchery.

Here are this week’s workouts:

Monday 3.1

20s rest

Front Squat 60kg: 5+3+2+2+2+2+2+2
Chin-up: 9+3+3+2+2+1
Bench 74kg: 5+5+5+3+2
Ab-rollout: 20

Front squats were punishing with added weight, and had definitely overshot the 20s rest on the last few sets. I think I’ll keep weight teh same next week and try to keep to 20s rest.

Was very happy with the 9 chin-ups, as this is a new PB :slight_smile:

Tuesday Penance

20kg DB, 5 rounds, 1 min rest

5x DB Snatch per arm
5x DB Swing per arm
10x Burpees

Completed in 15:16. Legs weren’t at all explosive for the burpees.

Wednesday 3.2

40 reps
35s rest

Split Squat 34kg 8+8+8+8+8
DB Row 44kg 8+8+8+8+8
Push Press 44kg 8+8+8+8+4+4
BB Curl 34kg 8+8+8+8+8
Reverse Crunch 40

Was happy with 40 straight reverse crunches, but again had a hard time sticking to 35s rest on the last few sets.

Friday 3.3

40 reps
35s rest

DL 90kg 8+8+8+8+6+2
DB Incline Press 24kg 8+8+8+8+8
Pull-ups (no access to neutral grip tonight so did pull-up pyramids) 2x 1-2-3-2-1 = 18. Grip was weak from DL.
Walkouts 4x10.

Sunday V-burn

27:14 A slight improvement on last time. Clap push-ups were much easier this time, and managed a proper clap on every round except final (last time pushed myself into air but without clap after round 2). I could maybe have done better but I started to need a dump (apologies to female readers) halfway through: I don’t think there’s anything quite as uncomfortable as doing conditioning work when you need a no. 2.


In spite of my binge last weekend I have still lost some weight. Can’t help but wonder how much it would have been had I stuck to my diet. I have almost reclaimed another belt hole, and I’m no longer self-conscious about a wobbly belly. Going into the last week I feel good, and that the V-Diet will be a good head start as I continue with my body comp transformation.

I have started to plan out what I’ll do next. For the transition period I was thinking of doing 5/3/1 for the main lifts followed by a complex or circuit, and see if I can continue the weight loss during this period.

I’m also currently debating whether I shell out for some more supps, or just try to get the same macros from real food… need to decide soon.

Next week is set to be very boring diet wise: I have a couple of servings of chocolate and vanilla left, and then just two tubs of strawberry and banana…

Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this yet, but if you use almonds with your strawberry shake instead of PB, it tastes like a cherry bakewell (but with strawberry, obviously). Very nice.

Week 4 Workout 1

20 reps
20s rest
Decided to stay at same weight and rest as last week, given that I was unable to stick to the 20s rest.

Front Squat 60kg 5+3+3+3+2+2+2
Chin-ups 9+3+3+3+2
Bench Press 74kg 5+5+5+5
Roll-out 20

A definite improvement on last week in terms of reps, and I managed to stick to the 20s rest.

Last week has actually served as a pretty explicit demonstration of how much a night heavy drinking has a negative effect on your training: the weights were still challenging, but went up a bit easier and the whole workout was less gruelling/unpleasant. I suppose that when you’re used to going out every weekend you don’t notice, and get used to Mondays being tough.

I actually feel really good today. Am rationing my delicious banana shakes as I’m down to last tub. Have two tubs of strawberry (least favourite), and maybe two shakes’ worth of vanilla left that I’m saving for a mid week treat. The flavour situation isn’t so bad as it’s the last week, but if I do this again I’ll be more mindful of how I consume the different flavours.

Almost done! What changes have you noticed in terms of appetite/food?
You inspire me to try this in the future :slight_smile:

Yeah only a few days left. Looks like I’m on course to lose 7kg/15lb in total.

That’s a good question about food. For about 7 years now I have eaten mostly whole foods, and avoided white flour, so I’d say my diet was pretty clean to begin with.

Last Friday, I went for a curry as my HSM, and I had a chicken sag, which is chicken in spinach cream sauce. The restaurant was okay, but the ingredients/rice wasn’t the best quality and I seemed to be more aware of this than usual.

Today I’m going for my HSM with a friend to a coffee place here that does great bagels. The only down side is that the chicken used in the bagels is the processed kind, and again, the fact that it’s processed seems more significant than usual, and I find the idea of it less appetizing. In fact even just the idea of the bagel itself doesn’t really do it for me (thinking of the texture and heaviness in the stomach).

I hadn’t really given this much thought until you asked about it (retraining my taste buds was not one of my priorities when starting the V-Diet), but thinking about it now I’m much more selective about what I eat. Food quality is really important to me now, maybe because I know I’m only having one meal per week so I want it to count. If this turns out to be a permanent change to my eating habits than it can only be a good thing.

At this point, I would definitely recommend the V-Diet. I’ll post a detailed round-up after the 28 days are done, but I have noticed a lot of benefits and plan to do the diet again in the future. It turned out quite expensive (around 700 euros including shipping to France and customs duties), but as far as I’m concerned it was money well spent.

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